A Fairytale Stay at Schloss Schadau: Exploring History and Beauty of Lake Thun Castles and Region.

schloss SchadauAs I gazed out from the balcony of our suite at Schloss Schadau, one of historic Thun castles, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder. Nestled on the shores of Lake Thun in Switzerland, this enchanting destination was turned into a hotel. It is a true gem for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. With its rich history, and breathtaking views,  Schloss Schadau proved to be the perfect place to immerse in the beauty & culture of the region.

The majestic exterior and the ornamented interior of Schloss Schadau

Schadau architectureBefore diving into our own experience, it’s worth noting the fascinating history of this castle. Built in the mid-19th century, Schloss Schadau stands out, within Thun castles  as a unique architectural masterpiece. Its construction combined several architectural styles which was distinctive for the era. Originally serving as a summer residence for a wealthy industrialist, the castle has since been owned by the municipality of Thun. At a certain point it was transformed into a hotel and a restaurant that seamlessly blends modern comfort with old-world charm.

Schloss architectureThe interior of the castle is well preserved in its original form and furnished mostly with antique styled furniture. The walls are hand painted either on paper or leather. Some in the 3 dimensional technique which required a lot of skilled labor. More than 30 painters from all over Europe were working on this masterpiece.

The staircase of the castle stands as a masterpiece of its own. It was constructed with the hanging technique instead of columns and was beautifully ornamented to showcase the mastery of the design.

The royal Tower Suite of Schloss Schadau

Tower Suite at Schloss SchadauDuring our stay at Schloss Schadau, we had the pleasure of occupying the magnificent Tower Suite. As we walked into the suite, we were immediately struck by the grandeur of the space. The room portrayed elegance with its high ceilings, stylish furnishings, and tasteful decor. The king-sized bed called on us to relax and unwind, while the large windows offered remarkable views of the breathtaking surroundings. Attached to the bedroom is a salon in the tower zone, which added to the majestic feel of the space.

Coffee on the balcony overlooking Lake ThunHowever, it was the balcony that truly stole our hearts. Stepping outside, we were greeted by a panorama that seemed to have leapt from the pages of a fairytale. The sweeping view of Lake Thun stretched out before us, framed by lush greenery and the distant peaks of the Swiss Alps. It was the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Feeling the gentle breeze as it carried the soothing sounds of the water and the distant chiming of church bells.

Gastronomy & afternoon tea at Schloss Schadau


Pasta in the wheel of GruyereWhen it came to dining, Schloss Schadau’s restaurant exceeded expectations. The refined setting boasted panoramic windows, allowing guests to dine while soaking in the stunning lake views. The menu featured a delightful blend of Mediterranean cuisine and international flavors, prepared with locally sourced ingredients. From succulent cuts of meat to delectable vegetarian options, each dish was a culinary masterpiece. What won our attention and our taste buds was the speciality pasta of the restaurant that was mixed and presented in a wheel of Gruyère cheese. Watching as the cheese was scrubbed and mixed with the pasta was as appetising as the taste of the rich flavors blending together.

Afternoon Tea at Schloss SchadauAfternoon tea at the castle was a treat for both the palate and the senses. Served in the charming tea room, complete with ornate chandeliers and vintage furnishings, it was a delightful experience romanticizing a legacy era. The selection of delicate finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and exquisite pastries was accompanied by a variety of fine teas, to complement the flavors.

To start the day, the breakfast at Schloss Schadau is a mixture of buffet and served plates arrangements of cheese and charcuterie.

Lake Thun castles & waters beyond the walls of  Schloss Schadau

Beyond the castle’s walls, the region enchanted us with its own charm. A visit to the nearby Lake Thun castles, Spiez, Oberhofen, and Hünegg provided a glimpse into the rich history and architectural marvels of the area. Each castle offered a unique experience. From exploring medieval chambers to strolling through meticulously manicured gardens. The picturesque towns of Thun and Spiez also captivated us with their charming streets, quaint cafés and vibrant atmosphere. Spiez particularly has a charming beauty thanks to its stunning bay. They call it the most beautiful bay in Europe!

Lake Thun cruiseOne of the highlights of our trip was embarking on a traditional steamboat tour of Lake Thun. Schloss Schadau is actually close to the Thun port, which enabled us to easily embark on lake cruises. During the lake tour you can visit all Lake Thun castles. Gliding across the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by towering mountains and quaint lakeside villages, we felt a sense of tranquility wash over us. The rhythmic chugging of the steam engine and the gentle lapping of the waves created a soothing soundtrack to this unforgettable journey.

Picnic & sherry tasting at Schloss Schadau

Picnic at Lake ThunBack at Schloss Schadau, we couldn’t resist the temptation to have a leisurely picnic in the castle’s sprawling gardens. The garden of the castle is among the biggest of Thun castles. The meticulously manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and towering trees provided the perfect backdrop for an idyllic afternoon. Despite that the weather was still gloomy and grass somehow wet, we found our spot! A gourmet basket filled with local delicacies and a blanket spread on stone fence bordering the lake, et voila! We soaked in the beauty of the surrounding and nibbled on the treats, while we watched the boats taking off to cruise lake Thun.

Sherry tastingTo top off our stay, we had the pleasure of partaking in a small sherry tasting experience organized by the hotel. It was a delightful and educational experience that perfectly complemented our stay at this extraordinary castle hotel.

During our stay, we noticed that the staff where busy as bees preparing the location for an upcoming event. Aside being a hotel and a restaurant, Schloss Schadau seems to be a popular destination as a wedding venue! No wonder with such magical and romantic setting that couples would like to celebrate their love at this place!

A fairytale getaway that won our hearts

Schloss SchadauSchloss Schadau truly encapsulates the essence of a fairytale getaway. From the opulent Tower Suite to the awe-inspiring views of Lake Thun. Every moment spent within its walls had a sense of magic. Impeccable service, exceptional dining options, and proximity to the region’s cultural treasures. This hidden gem is a destination that guarantees unforgettable experiences.

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