A Serene Retreat: The Perfect Wellness Getaway on Lake Thun

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Merligen, Switzerland, our recent sojourn to Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel was a journey into tranquility & bliss. Renowned as one of the best SPA hotels in Switzerland, it promised an escape into luxury and relaxation. It was a trip where we unravel the perfect wellness getaway, replete with nature’s wonders and indulgent experiences.

Nature’s Embrace at St Beatus Caves

St Beatus CavesOur adventure began with the unique St Beatus Caves, located just few minutes drive from the hotel.

The caves welcome you with an array of mini waterfalls that cover the whole facade of the hill. As you ascend the stairs and bridges you can enjoy the amazing view over Lake Thun. Exploring the inside caves and passages was a real discovery.

St Beatus CavesThe water flows in between the different parts curving through the rocks and creating monuments and small ponds. You can let the imagination play its role in proposing images of what the monuments and their reflections depicts.


Sundlauen, PilgerwegA short walk from St Beatus Caves you can get to Sundlaunen and specifically Pilgerweg viewpoint. It is a stunning viewpoint where you can observe how the route curves around the mountain and watch the cars pass by the tunnel. If you time your visit well you can also observe the boats, cruising Lake Thun, pass next to the road. This view point is one of the most picturesque example of the beauty of Swiss road trips. The short walk from and to St Beatus Caves is stunning especially in autumn as it’s shadowed with colourful trees that cover the track with leaves. The view over the lake is simply breathtaking.

Lake Thun’s Extravaganza – Boat Tours, Castles, and Promenades

Oberhofen castleExploring Lake Thun seems like a limitless, enchanting & multifaceted experience. With a boat tour the options were plenty: from a castles tour (stopping at  Oberhofen, Spiez, Thun, Hünegg, Schadau) to exploring stunning villages such as Spiez, which is endorsed with what’s said the most beautiful bay in Europe.

The journey can extend  through the stunning Interlaken, and continues to Lake Brienz, the twin lake of Thun. On Lake Brienz, the stunning Iselwald, and Giessbach waterfalls will take your breath away.

Lake Thun promenadeAdditionally, we found it amazingly stunning to stroll along the promenade. The autumn vibrant palette, provides a serene connection with the lakeside.

Niederhorn Mountain Bliss – Early Winter Magic

Views from Niederhorn

Niederhorn cable carJust one bus stop away from the hotel, you can find the funicular that leads to the cable car to mount Niederhorn. Ascending Niederhorn mountain via funicular and cable car revealed an early winter wonderland. Our timing in early November was perfect! The first snowfall arrived and heightened the magic, offering breathtaking views of Lake Thun and the landscape of autumn foliage. The panoramic vista from the mountain summit was a reminder of nature’s grandeur, leaving an indelible mark on our wellness escape.

Staying at Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel – A Haven of Luxury in Switzerland

Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel in SwitzerlandThe Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel, perfectly positioned on Lake Thun, became our sanctuary. We stayed at a stunning wellness suite, providing panoramic views of the serene lake. The suite with its salon, separate bedroom, rejuvenating jacuzzi, and a steam bath, exemplified opulence. The luxurious amenities and stunning vistas made our retreat truly unforgettable.

Jacuzzi at Beatus Wellness & SPA HotelThe interior design of the hotel reflects nature elements, from the chandelier of the restaurant that resembles leaves, to walls finely decorated like waves and the wood parquet flooring like fish bones.

View from the balcony of Beatus Wellness & SPA HotelThe view from the balcony over Niesen and Stockhorn and the mountain range is simply unmatchable! On the other side we could observe the village and its colourful brick roofs.

The location can’t be better, having a public boat stop just outside of the door. It was our daily sport to watch the cruise boats stop and take off, while sipping on coffee. 

Indulgence in Heavenly Pools and Saunas

Salt bath at Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel in SwitzerlandThe hotel’s heart, that is its salt pool, overlooking Lake Thun and the majestic Niesen mountain, was a highlight of our stay. Multiple jets and a whirlpool enhanced the therapeutic experience, creating a harmonious blend of bliss and relaxation. The deck next to the salt pool, is an amazing place to enjoy a coffee and mesmerise over the lake. The inner pool, ideal for laps and leisure, and the diverse saunas, including an exterior Finnish sauna with scenic views, added to the wellness journey.

Saunas at Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel in SwitzerlandThe hotel park, is an amazing place to chill within the trees and diverse plantations. Autumn adds a special touch with its foliage that colors the surrounding.

The hotel also has a its own bay just next to the garden and salt pool.

To complete its integration within the surrounding, the hotel offers complimentary excursions with nature guides that take the clients to different areas in the region, yoga and fitness classes!

Gourmet Delights with the Beatus Gourmet Board

Breakfast on the balcony of Beatus Wellness & SPA HotelOur culinary voyage was equally enchanting with the Beatus gourmet board that’s included in the stay. It’s an amazing offering that simplified our life and we didn’t need to worry about what to eat during our stay. From a lavish buffet breakfast to refreshing lunchtime salads and soups, indulgent afternoon cakes, and a delectable dinner menu selection, every meal was a gastronomic delight.

Beatus gourmet boardThe hotel seamlessly combined wellness and gourmet experiences, further enhancing our overall retreat. The ingredients are sourced locally and even the fish comes from Switzerland exclusively.

The highlight for us was a stunning breakfast on the balcony as we watched the top of Nielsen starting to be covered with snow, and the boats cruising the lake. 

Beatus Hotel Wellness & SPA – A Symphony of Wellness

Our stay at Beatus Wellness & SPA Hotel was a harmonious blend of nature’s wonders and luxurious wellness in Switzerland. Beyond being one of the best SPA hotels in Switzerland, Beatus emerged as a haven for those seeking the perfect wellness getaway. It redefined tranquility, leaving us rejuvenated and inspired, a testament to the true essence of a wellness hotel.

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