A Luxurious Urban Escape: Unforgettable Weekend at the Five Zurich Hotel

We sometimes long for an experience that encompasses many opposing experiences. The calmness and the buzz. The nature and the city lights. The relaxation and the activeness. The simple flavours and the sophisticated gastronomy!

entrance Five ZurichAs we sought a weekend getaway that promised both tranquility and a vibrant city experience, we headed to Zurich to indulge in a distinctive experience, a stay at the Five Zurich Hotel! Little did we know that this charming unique hotel would exceed our expectations in every possible way. From the serene ambiance to the impeccable amenities, our stay at the Five Zurich was an unforgettable indulgence filled with relaxation, lively vibes, and incredible experiences.

A Soothing Oasis: The Outdoor Pool

Outdoors Pool at Five ZurichUpon our arrival, we were immediately captivated by the tranquil atmosphere that enveloped the Five Zurich Hotel. We were greeted by a mesmerising outdoor pool that exudes a sense of calm and elegance. Nestled amidst lush greenery, it offered a serene sanctuary within the heart of the bustling city. As we lounged on the stylish poolside chairs, we immediatly immersed in a sense of blissful relaxation. Whether we dipped in the refreshing water or simply soaked up the warm sun, the pool area provided the perfect retreat from the urban hustle and bustle. A book to catchup on long waited reading, a cocktail to sip on, and we had the perfect toolbox to spend a relaxing afternoon.

The location of the hotel a short train ride from the center to one of Zurich’s neighbourhood hills, permits its to be secluded from the city while still being connected.

Revitalization and Serenity: The Refive SPA

Refive SPA

Refive SPA

To unwind and rejuvenate further, we headed to a pampering session at the Refive SPA. The peaceful & luxurious ambiance that envelopes the SPA instantly transported us to a world of tranquility. The SPA offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies  by expert professionals. We indulged in a heavenly massage that melted away the stress and tension, leaving us feeling renewed and energised. The luxury massage was followed with a surprise! A private couples jacuzzi & steam room that can be, the least, described as heavenly. The SPA has also a stunning inside pool and jacuzzi. Separated from the outside by ceiling long  glass frames with a cute spring running outside. The SPA’s attention to detail, serene atmosphere, and meticulous service elevated our experience to a whole new level.

Comfort & Elegance: The Luxe Suite at Five Zurich

Luxe Suite at Five ZurichThe suite of our stay was very spacious and styled with very modern touch. A big bedroom and sizeable salon. The suite had two perpendicular balconies that overlooking the big outdoor pool and the restaurant terrace. The balcony was our hotspot to observe, from top, the vibes of the outdoor pool. It also overlooks the surrounding beautiful greenery of the hotels hill. The bathroom was super spacy and equipped with a jacuzzi bathtub (incase we still longed for a SPA moment 😉. What was also distinctive is the electricity switch boards. Every room had multiple touch points where you can control the light to your taste and ambiance. Our suite was well isolated to avoid any noise discomfort from the club music. Actually, you can demand to be situated in the calmer zones if you come with children or is more sensitive to party noise.

Culinary Delights: The Penthouse Restaurant and Club

Dining at the Penthouse

The Penthouse rooftopWhen it came to dining, the Penthouse restaurant proved to be an exceptional culinary destination. Perched atop the Five Zurich, this renowned hotspot offered breathtaking panoramic views of Zurich’s cityscape. As we stepped into the elegant restaurant, we were immediately captivated by the sophisticated ambiance. The menu boasted a fusion of local flavors and international influences,   mainly Japanese, showcasing the culinary expertise of the talented chefs. Each dish was a work of art, teasing our taste buds with its exquisite flavors and impeccable presentation. The Tempura, Salmon bites and Sushi selection were to die for. But the dessert was another level in creativity. Not only heavenly in taste but also impressive in looks. The cheesecake was literally in the shape of a Swiss Tomme cheese wheel. While the “Fluffy Duck” dessert presentation was even more impressive, a dessert in the shape of a duckling swimming in a dish of foam!

The PenthouseThe decoration and lights of the Penthouse restaurant at Five Zurich, transfers the diners gradually into the party mood. The alternating lights, the elegant bar, and the DJ live sets are very entertaining.  After dinner, we ventured to the Penthouse club. The vibrant atmosphere, lively DJ, and crafted cocktails set the stage for an unforgettable evening of celebration and entertainment. The renowned DJ Flo Dosh was in the house that night! It has been a while we didn’t party as such! We were worried our moves were getting rusty, but the ambiance drove us to catchup with the latest DJ & party trends!

A Flavorsome Morning: Breakfast at Maiden Shanghai

Breakfast at Five ZurichIn the Morning, we eagerly made our way to Maiden Shanghai to savor a delightful breakfast experience. This charming hotel restaurant seamlessly blended the traditions of Shanghai with a contemporary twist. The diverse selection of the buffets ranged from traditional delicacies to contemporary tastes. From local cheeses, charcuterie and bakeries to boosting smoothies and aromatic teas that awakened our senses (especially after a party night!).

It was the perfect start to the day, leaving us energised and ready to explore the city that was visible from the restaurant’s terrace.

Five designOur weekend getaway at the Five Zurich Hotel was an indulgence  beyond compare. From the serene vibes of the outdoor pool to the rejuvenating treatments at the Refive SPA. While the experience of the Penthouse was quite distinctive and full of lively vibes.

Every aspect of our stay exuded a sense of luxury and relaxation.  It allowed us to discover many sides of Zurich that were not visible to us, despite visiting the city on multiple occasions.

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