A memorable hike to Trift bridge – “You’ll never walk alone”

Hike to Trift Bridge

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

I am a big football fan! Not particularly of Liverpool FC though. At the same time I deeply admire how they built a remarkable team that won the Champions League last year, dominated and won the English Premier League this year for the first time since 30 years! The song “You’ll never walk alone” is their anthem and I find it very touching and motivating. Due to Covid-19 Liverpool fans were not able to celebrate fully this historic win, at least not on their field. However, what made me recall this song is not only that, but a post from an anonymous person on Facebook, sharing her hiking profile, and asking for hiking buddies as her long term friend won’t be able to join her due to travel restrictions this year. So here we are sharing one of our most memorable hikes in the Trift valley. Our way to say, “You’ll never walk alone!”

way to Trift BridgeTo reach the Trift suspension bridge we took the gondola from Meiringen and hiked all the way through the Trift valley till its breathtaking glacial area. From the top station it takes around 1.5-2 hours hike where we enjoyed the sight of rushing waters and surrounding mountains till the jewel of the journey – the Trift bridge. You won’t be bored on the trail as the scenery around you is quite engaging. The hike is a bit demanding especially at the beginning as the trail goes upwards through the mountain. Also there is little shade throughout so having hats or caps is advisable. We can’t complain from the heat though, as every now & then we stopped and refreshed from the running springs.

Trift bridgeOn the way to the bridge & back we encountered few lovely sheep and goats that are used to hikers. They immediately pose when you try to take a picture 😁. As you get closer you will start to have a glimpse of the bridge. We advise to take photos from this angle as it’s the best place where you can capture the full bridge with the valley.

Despite the nature of the trail, we saw several families with young kids on the way. It was motivating to see kids running ahead of their parents! So we would consider it family-suitable.

Trift BridgeAfter a bit of self encouragement we finally reached the bridge. Hanging at 100 metres high, the breathtaking 170 metres long Trift Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps. It spans the Trift lake and glacier. Crossing it gives such an adrenaline rush especially if it’s a bit windy or if there is someone clumsy walking on it just behind you 😁.  The original bridge was built in 2004, after the ice of the Trift glacier had retreated so far that it was impassable. It was replaced by the current bridge in 2009, based on the Nepalese 3-rope bridge design. We took a small pause at the other side of the bridge, glancing at the glacier. It’s heartbreaking to see how glaciers are shrinking every year and that we might be the last generations to see them in real.

We were lucky on the way back! It just started drizzling the moment we made it to the gondola station!


Try to book ahead your slot on the gondola to the valley from Meiringen as on a good weather day, there is a long waiting line and it might take at least an hour till your spot arrives.

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