From Verzasca with Love!

A long weekend within one hour from Lugano

Are you still in the habit of sending postcards from your trips?

For us, despite our love for photography yet, it’s only till we received a postcard from a friend abroad that we revived this classic gesture when travelling abroad. And soon we started thinking of creating our own postcards!

Not all views are suitable for postcards, but Lavertezzo in Valle Verzasca is “born” for that! And here’s our postcard filled with a story of our wonderful hike along the river.

Verzasca - Lavertezzo

Our starting point was the romantic village of Lavertezzo with its characteristic stone houses and chapel. It’s a perfect spot to start an unmatchable hike exploring the rural and unspoilt Valle Verzasca and its attached tiny villages.

Just next to the village is Ponte dei Salti. This old double-arched stone bridge, stretching over the emerald green waters of Verzasca river, is like something out of a fairy tale! On a warm spring or summer day you can stay hours contemplating on the picturesque bridge and watching some of the brave hikers jump few meters into the chilling waters.

Lavertezzo bridge - Verzasca valley

Soon the flowing waters called upon us to start the hike simply following the trail through the trees shoring the river. Every now the river seduced us to get back to its waters and to jump from a stone to another. The surrounding scenery is simply enchanting. The magical waters of the Verzasca river as it runs through the rocks creates tiny waterfalls and swimming pools of clear crystals surrounded by mini shores for sunbathing. The river has plenty of these “natural” jacuzzi’s to enjoy. If you continue going ahead you might have a diving pool for your own! Hard to resist the temptation of dipping in!

Verzasca valle hike

You can stop at any point during the hike along the valley but 4hrs ahead you can reach Sonogno, the last village of the Verzasca Valley. A village full of character, so if you can’t reach it on foot, make sure you visit it by car. It homes plenty of stone houses and typical alleys. The ancient oven of the village is still used today, and in the “Casa della lana” (wool center) the wool is carded and dyed according to the historic tradition. You can also visit the Museo Val Verzasca located in the ex-Genardini residential building.

Verzesca dam

All through the valley and villages there are plenty of postcards spots to immortalize your trip! But if you think that’s all you are mistaken! Back few kilometers before Lavertezzo is Verzasca Dam, known to the world for James Bond’s death-defying jump in the opening scene of “GoldenEye”. The 220-meter Dam is privileged with being one of the highest in Europe. If you are looking for an ultimate adrenalin push, the “007 Bungee Jump”- lasts exactly 7.5 seconds and you can feel the James Bond rush yourself!

How to get to Valle Verzasca
There is a PostBus #321 that connects Locarno with Lavertezzo in 42 minutes. It also stops at the Verzeasca Dam. Same bus can take you as far as Sonogno.
If you are traveling by car it will take you 1h to reach Lavertezzo from Lugano. Count 30 minutes to get there from Locarno center.

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