A lovely week-end in Anzère, Valais

When mentioning Valais, immediately the mighty Matterhorn, the lights of Zermatt & the snow slopes of Saas-Fee come to mind. Their size and beauty respectively captures the attention such that they take all the spotlight. But if you are also seeking hidden gems in Valais, that are nevertheless eye-catchy, keep on reading because we have a perfect plan for you. A lovely week-end in Anzère! 

If you have a couple of days, then we would recommend the itinerary we prepared for ourselves with the base in Anzère:

Visit Anzère village, Valais & relax in Anzère Spa & Wellness

Anzere village - weekend in Anzere

Anzere Spa & WellnessThe village of Anzère is cute, secluded and is a perfect spot to stretch your legs and then relax with a cup of tea & hot chocolate. In the winter it’s starting station for ski and in the summer/autumn its a start point for hiking trips, that are among the most remarkable in Valais! 

If you are not into physical activities, then you have your spot for ultimate relaxation. Anzère Spa & Wellness is a a perfect spot to chill for a couple of hours. Its more of a day SPA rather than a wellness hotel. Useful tip: if you are staying in Ayent-Anzère, Valais region, you would get the Anzère Liberté Pass that gives you multiple advantages, including 50% on the Anzère Spa & Wellness entrance fee. 

So if you are looking for a SPA with a great view, and wellness treatments, rather than a wellness hotel, then this is your spot!

Take a cable car from Anzère to Pas de Maimbré for the hot chocolate and views

Pas de MaimbreIt is a beautiful way up when you take the cable car from Anzère village to Pas de Maimbré. The ascent is in 2 stages and you can get off earlier if you fancy to start one of the multiple hiking route. We chose to go to the final destination, to enjoy the views of Arbaz, drink a cup of hot chocolate at the sunny terrace. It really gives you the feel of being at a plane altitude as only the clouds and some long wing eagles can compete here! 

Have a leisurely hike around the lake Tseuzier and the dam.

Weekend in Anzere - Tseuzier dam

DamA trip to lake Tseuzier at the Rawyl dam is a must when you are in the area of Ayent-Anzère. The lake is an artificial reservoir created by the dam. It is a beautiful spot with the turquoise colour of the lake water and the majestic surrounding mountains. Some 4000m peaks in Canton of Valais such as the Zinal-Rothorn, Dent Blanche and the Weisshorn can be spotted on the horizon.

A hike around the lake is highly recommended, it’s quite a leisurely one and no test to your fitness level 😁. 

Getting to the lake is easy either by car or by taking the PostBus.

Visit Sion, the capital of Valais

Weekend in Anzere - SionSion, the capital of the canton of Valais, is known as the most sun-blessed town of Switzerland. It’s less than 1/2 hr ride from Anzère. You can spot Sion from far thanks to the high towers of Castle Tourbillon and the Castle of Valeria. Sion, being the capital of Valais, offers a lot of cultural activities. A visit to one of the castles is a must, a stop by the museum is also a great idea! The old town of Sion has a particular atmosphere where the history and the modern is intertwined. We have beautiful memories from the day we spent wandering the streets there, with its cute shops! An important note for wine-lovers: Sion is located in the centre of one of the most important wine-growing regions in Switzerland with its well-known white wine Fendant! So grab a bottle (or a case) to enjoy the pleasures of the Valais region! 

Weekend in ANzere - Sion and its wine

Visit the underground lake St-Leonard, Valais

The last point on our program was a visit of the underground lake of St-Leonard. It is just 10 minutes away from Sion. It is the largest underground lake in Europe (300 meters long!). Here, they offer boat tours (boat is the the way to explore this lake!). You can learn exciting details about the origin of the lake that was discovered in 1943 for the first time!  

Hope you find this itinerary useful for your stay in Ayent-Anzère during the warm season. Of course Anzère turns into a great ski resort in winter. And so the list of fun things to do will be quite different!

And don’t forget “behind every great mountain 🏔 , there is a great gem 💎 “!

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