Unveiling Summer Splendor in Villars

This summer, the allure of Villars and the renowned Villars Palace drew us back for another visit. Though discovering new places is always thrilling, there’s a unique charm in experiencing the familiar through a new lens. Villars, a well-known winter destination, promised a different kind of magic in the summer, and we couldn’t resist the chance to see it in its sunlit glory. The thought of lush green landscapes replacing snowy slopes filled us with anticipation. As soon as we had the opportunity, we didn’t hesitate to pack our bags and head back to this enchanting spot.

Our Room with a View

Views from Villars PalaceUpon entering our room at Villars Palace, we were immediately drawn to the balcony. The view that greeted us was nothing short of spectacular. Rolling green hills & colourful rooftops stretched out as far as the eye could see, inviting us to unwind and take in the serene beauty of Villars. Before even unpacking, we made ourselves a cup of coffee and settled into the balcony, savoring the peaceful moment. This spot quickly became our favorite retreat, with its authentic wooden flooring and breathtaking views, that truly captured our hearts. The room itself was a blend of luxury, elegance and comfort, featuring a spacious bedroom and a bathroom adorned with beautiful tiles. The room had also a working desk and huge windows that ensured those fantastic views open & close the day with heavenly sceneries.

Poolside Bliss and SPA Delights at Villars Palace

Pool, Villars Palace

DrinksThe terrace by the pool was a haven of relaxation. On our first afternoon, we were enticed by the promise of cocktails and the soothing ambiance. The fresh mountain breeze, the crystal-clear blue of the pool, and the vibrant green of the surrounding landscape created a perfect setting. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, dipping our toes in the water, and simply soaking in the tranquility. As the sun began to set, the sky painted itself in hues of orange and pink, providing a stunning backdrop to our evening.

KAEA SPA at Villars Palace

KAEA SPA, Villars PalaceThe following day brought a change in weather, with rain showers forecasted. This gave us the perfect excuse to explore the indoor SPA. The facilities were impressive, featuring a sauna, steam room, and a spacious relaxation area. The SPA also had a well-equipped gym, confirming its reputation as one of the best SPA hotels in Switzerland. The highlight, however, was the massage at the KAEA SPA. The skilled masseuse knew exactly how to ease our tensions, leaving us feeling completely rejuvenated. We also took part in a stretching class, which added to our overall sense of well-being.

Dining at Villars Palace

1913 Restaurant, Villars PalaceDining at Villars Palace was an experience in itself. The 1913 restaurant, renowned for its 16 Gault & Millau points, offered a gourmet feast that delighted all our senses. The setting was breathtaking, with one side open to panoramic mountain views and the other to an open kitchen where culinary magic happened by chef Christian Bertogna. The menu was a creative reinterpretation of classic dishes. We savored every bite of the courgette risotto and the canette, but the additional star was the tiramisu with hot and cold coffee – a dessert that left a lasting impression.

Tapas at 1840 LodgeAnother evening we dined at the 1840 Lodge, which had revamped its menu to highlight tapas. The atmosphere was cozy and inviting, perfect for a relaxed meal. The tapas were delicious, with the gyozas being a standout dish.

PeppinoOur final night was spent at the Italian restaurant Peppino, where we indulged in perfectly crafted pizzas and delectable fried calamari. Watching the pizzas being prepared right in front of us added to the delightful dining experience.

Breakfasts with a View

in-room Breakfast

in-room BreakfastWe are breakfast enthusiasts, and Villars Palace is first league on that. Each morning, we looked forward to a lavish breakfast spread, enjoyed with a stunning view. The in-room breakfast menu was diverse and rich, offering a variety of delicious options. We loved sitting on our balcony, watching the fog lift to reveal the vibrant green hills – a truly magical way to start the day.

Breakfast at Villars PalaceThe breakfast in the historic salle was equally impressive. The spread was vast, featuring freshly made egg recipes, fruits, juices, cheeses, and even gluten-free options. Each stand catered to different tastes and preferences. We appreciated the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, with all produce locally sourced. This added a meaningful touch to our breakfast experience. 

Exploring the Mountains and Lakes

Roc d'OrsayOne of the highlights of our trip was exploring the natural beauty of Villars. The Roc d’Orsay 2000 and Dolce Vista offered breathtaking views. The cable car ride from the Roc d’Orsay bottom station provided a scenic journey, but the true marvel awaited at the top. The 360-degree panorama of green hills, dotted with yellow flowers & several hikers, was a sight to behold. It encapsulated the essence of summer and left us in awe.

Dolce Vista, Roc d'OrsayDolce Vista is a new sensorial experience that awaits at the top: you get immersed visually & audio into the experience of the surrounding mountains.

Lac de Frience

Lac de FrienceA hidden gem of the region we discovered was Lake Frience. The sight of the lake from above with its pure blue waters was stunning, and we had a delightful picnic prepared by the hotel. Hiking around the lake and finding a scenic spot to relax was one of the highlights of our trip. The ever-changing weather added a mystical element to the experience, with fog rolling in to shroud the mountains.

When it gets warmer the lake is a perfect spot for summer swimming. Just up hill from it, young and old can have fun with the tubbing during summer season.

Village Strolls and Tour de Suisse

Villars itself is a charming village, and we loved strolling through its quaint streets. The shops and traditional houses added to the beauty of the place.

Tour de SuisseWe were lucky that our visit coincided with the “Tour de Suisse” cycling competition passing through Villars and directly in front of the hotel gates. As we were walking back from our activities, we stood observing the cyclists passing with people gathering at the sideways to cheer them.

The Palace Architecture & Art

Architecture of Villars Palace

Villars Palace artAs you approach Villars Palace, its architecture commands admiration. The grandiose exterior compliments beautifully the elegant and luminous interior. We loved to wander through the hotel lobby, lounge, and bar area, where the artwork is displayed elegantly, some pieces becoming iconic to the place. The lush garden extending from the hotel adds a fresh contrast to the winter scenery. The terrace offers stunning views and seamlessly connects with the historic lobby and its stylish furniture. The lobby’s ceiling-high windows provide postcard-worthy views of the summer landscape.

Pool at Villars PalaceVillars Palace in summer is a revelation. Is it the summer bliss or the charm of this place and the welcoming of its people that stole our heart?

The combination of stunning natural beauty, exceptional amenities, and heartfelt hospitality made our stay unforgettable. The allure of the place, from the luxurious rooms to the delicious dining and relaxing SPA, ensured that we have more than one reason to return and more than one season to enjoy!

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