Timeless Classics: Zermatt and Matterhorn

Matterhorn ZermattTrue beauty never fades away, it remains as a test to time. In the heart of the Swiss Alps, Matterhorn in Zermatt stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur, with its iconic, mighty and majestic Matterhorn. Who hasn’t heard of Zermatt, who didn’t dream of Matterhorn when exploring Switzerland?

Our recent trip was nothing short of spectacular. We were graced with impeccable weather, granting us the privilege of feasting our eyes on the stunning Matterhorn multiple times during our stay. Our journey was a beautiful medley of timeless experiences set with a stay at the charming BEAUSiTE Zermatt, amidst the enchanting backdrop of Zermatt.

The Mighty Matterhorn in Zermatt: A Timeless Icon

Gornergrat Zermatt

Matterhorn, ZermattMatterhorn, the guardian of Zermatt, greeted us at every turn, enchanting our senses. To get closer to this mighty monster, we took the Gornergrat train, a classic experience that should not be missed. We reached the top station – Gornergrat, stunned by the views frequently starring Matterhorn. At 3000 plus meters, the vista here is even at a more impressive level including the Gornergrat glacier sparkling in the shining sun.

Riffelsee, ZermattOn the way back, we made several stops to further explore the area. We hopped off at Rotenboden and hiked few minutes to Riffelsee. There we enjoyed the reflection of Matterhorn dancing on the pristine lake’s surface. We continued downward to Riffelberg and then stopped again at RiffelAlp, where we sipped a drink while watching the cows lazily graze in the alpine pastures. The Matterhorn’s presence was a constant, like a classic masterpiece framed by nature.

Gornergrat train tickets can be purchased with 50% discount for the holders of demi-tariff cards. And this year the Gornergrat is celebrating its 125 years anniversary. So there is an additional special discount until end of October online but must book two days ahead. Try to get to Gornergrat station as early as possible ideally before 9am, and try to have a window seat.

The ticket allows you to get off at any stop and then hop on back to continue the journey. We’d advise to do that as you can see different sides of Matterhorn. 

Bridging the Gap: A Hike to Remember

FuriVenturing to Furi, we ascended the cable car and then a short walk to reach the suspension  bridge. A feat of engineering that took our breath away and made our hearts skip a beat! Here I put my acrophobia (fear of heights) at test, but it seems am getting better at it! We then descended on foot, looking behind every now and then to stay reassured that the Matterhorn is still overlooking us. We eventually stopped to explore the Gorner Gorge’s wonders, where the relentless force of water had sculpted nature’s artwork. Its worth allocating an hour or so to explore this gorge as something off the beaten route in Zermatt.

The cable car to Furi is non-stop during the operating hours, so there is a lot of flexibility in timing. 

Five Lakes Symphony: Beauty Beyond Beauty

5 Lakes hike - StelliseeThe 5 Lakes Hike—Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee, and Leisee—brought us closer to Zermatt’s natural beauty. Each lake had its unique allure. We started at Stellisee, which was a marvel for the stunning reflection of Matterhorn on it. So we decided to enjoy a simple picnic beside it, although we are still early on!

5 lakes hike - GrindjiseeIt seems not sufficient for the mighty Matterhorn to dominate all the other surrounding mountains,  Here it even took over the surrounding lakes. The Matterhorn’s reflection shimmered on three of these pristine lakes, although some kilometres away, etching a timeless image in our memories.

The hike is 2,5h but it took us the full 4h with all the stops to enjoy the views and have a picnic. The hike starts at Blauherd and finishes at Sunnega cable car station. We recommend the « Combi ticket » that gives the access for the way up to Blauherd and down from Sunnega

A Stroll through Zermatt’s Endless Charm

Zermatt villageThe village of Zermatt beckoned us for leisurely strolls. The village is a car free, pedestrian zone. The streets were filled of people benefiting from the lovely weather. You can notice the electric carts of the hotels as they move around in the streets, like bees carrying and dropping passengers. Along the winding river, we discovered the village’s rustic charm, a blend of classic Alpine beauty and modern elegance. A walk beside the river at sunset time, with the Matterhorn in the horizon, is an experience unmatched! The chilled breeze from the river fills the air and the shivering of water with the last rays of sunshine creates a memorable image!

BEAUSiTE Zermatt: Where Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

Design at BEAUSiTE ZermattOur home in Zermatt was the exquisite BEAUSiTE Zermatt. The location of the hotel is very central and few minutes walk from the train station. This was a key enabler for us to access the Gornergrat station, and the different cable cars stations.

View from BEAUSiTE ZermattWe were welcomed with open arms and treated to a suite with surrounding balconies that offered an unobstructed view of Matterhorn and the enchanting village of Zermatt.

Mornings and evenings were dedicated to savoring coffee on the balcony, where we witnessed the ever-changing interplay of light on the majestic Matterhorn.

Suite at BEAUSiTE ZermattCould not but notice that we slept relatively better here, might be the air quality of Zermatt atmosphere or the very comfy bed of our room.

The room style was an extension of the hotel design. The hotel’s vibrant interior, reflected a fusion of British and Alpine design, reflecting both elegance and warmth at the same time.

Rejuvenation at its Finest: The Infinity Pool and BEAUSiTE Zermatt SPA

Infinity pool at BEAUSiTE Zermatt The outdoor infinity pool was our sanctuary of relaxation. Overlooking the Matterhorn, it was a sensory indulgence like no other. The panorama before us was a timeless masterpiece painted by nature itself. In the morning you can witness the reflection of Matterhorn on the pool, and a thin layer of fog forming above the water surface. Its such a scene that you wonder whether to dip in or keep the image intact and contemplate on it.

The hotel’s spa was a haven of relaxation. We soaked in the indoor pool and indulged in two jacuzzis, basking in warmth and tranquility. The vitarium, hammam, and saunas completed the experience, leaving us refreshed after our invigorating hikes. A massage added the final touch of luxury, soothing our tired muscles. With such treatment, you can hike(or ski) for days and balance it with the SPA’s pure relaxation. 

Culinary Delights at BEAUSiTE Zermatt

The Grill at BEAUSiTE ZermattDining at The Grill Restaurant was a highlight, with its succulent meat cuts and fish, grilled over an open wood fire. The setting is so charming and romantic. You can choose your own meat cuts, some from Switzerland and some from abroad and tailor it to your taste. You can also watch as the meat is being cut, seasoned and then grilled to request. The appetisers are to die for. We tried the lobster bisque soup and the bison carpaccio.

The Bar at BEAUSiTE ZermattOn the other side of the hotel, The Bar and its terrace overlooking Matterhorn were perfect for casual evening meals. A local cheese platter, glass of wine, dusk upon Matterhorn and you have all it takes for a memorable evening!

Breakfast is served in the 3 seasons salle, with a buffet rich with cheese, charcuterie, different types of bakeries, fresh fruits and a lovely eggs station. What was noticeable is that the guests join breakfast relatively early so they can benefit from a long day in the surrounding nature.

BEAUSITEEh voila! Our trip to Zermatt was a timeless journey, where the classics of nature and hospitality came together. BEAUSiTE Zermatt was the perfect canvas upon which our adventure was painted. Zermatt, with its timeless beauty, left an indelible mark on our hearts, reminding us that some things, like the allure of Matterhorn and the comfort of a luxurious hotel, are always in fashion.

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