The perfect winter getaway comes in white & gold

Our journey into the enchanting world of winter took us to Davos, a town nestled in the picturesque Swiss Alps. Davos is renowned not only for its World Economic Forum but also for its captivating winter charm. From the moment we arrived, we knew this was not just any winter destination, but a gateway to a snowy paradise. With the Alps draped in pristine white, Davos offered a stunning setting, inviting us to explore its snow-covered wonders while staying at AlpenGold Davos.

AlpenGold Davos: A Golden Haven in the Snow

AlpenGold Davos

Balcony views

Our excitement peaked as we stepped into the iconic AlpenGold Hotel Davos. The golden dome-shaped façade stood out majestically against the snowy backdrop, promising a winter experience like no other. AlpenGold isn’t just a hotel; it is a luxurious sanctuary where winter adventures seamlessly blends with relaxation and opulence. The golden exterior hinted at the warmth and splendor that awaited inside — a rejuvenating spa, delectable gastronomy, and a cozy ambiance that embraced the winter wonderland surrounding it.

Suite Dreams: Our Private Retreat in Gold

AlpenGold Davos suite

Our exploration of AlpenGold began in the spacious suite, a haven of comfort with a long corner balcony that opened up to a breathtaking view of the snow-laden forest. Mornings became a ritual of serenity as we sipped coffee on the balcony, watching the sun transform the dark winter landscape into a mesmerizing golden-blue panorama.

AlpenGold Adavos suiteThe suite, complete with a salon and a luxurious bathroom, provided the perfect setting for intimate moments of relaxation and reflection.

Davos:  A Renowned Winter Wonderland 


Nordic ski in DavosDavos, beyond being the annual host of the World Economic Forum, reveals itself as a captivating winter wonderland. The town’s charm lies in its blend of picturesque landscapes, world-class skiing opportunities, and a cozy town atmosphere. From the festive Christmas Market on snow to the serene Davos Lake, the town offered a magical backdrop for our unforgettable winter getaway.

Parsenn: Skiing Bliss against a White Canvas

Parsenn skiing

Parsenn BahnOur winter adventure started at mount Parsenn, where a perfect day on the slopes unfolded. AlpenGold’s shuttle whisked us to the base, and a scenic funicular journey transported us to the summit, revealing skiers and snowboarders as tiny specks against the vast white canvas. The sun terrace became our perch to witness the stunning slopes with the skiers and ski cable cars circulating continuously. As we descended the slopes, we spotted AlpenGold iconic dome shimmering in the winter sky, casting a golden hue.

Beyond the Slopes: Unwinding at the Snow Lounge

Snow loungeFor a break we headed to AlpenGold’s snow lounge, a tranquil space located next to the funicular station. Here, we found rest, sipped coffee, and relished the comfort of well-maintained facilities. The snow lounge is a distinctive and very useful offering of the hotel. That’s on top of a multiple shuttle buses that circulate frequently to and from multiple ski stations in Davos. Additionally, there is a large winter cloth store and ski’s rental facility inside the hotel. With all these offering combined, the hotel ensures a seamless mountain & winter fun experience

Jacobshorn, the exquisite event mountain

View from Jacobshorn

Events at Jacobshorn DavosWe wanted to have a condensed sample of what Davos has to offer. Therefore, our adventure extended to Jacobshorn, a mountain known not only for skiing but also for its diverse après-ski options. The way up (and down) the mountain is accessible with a large cable car. Throughout the way, the views of Davos nestled in the valley below are simply breathtaking.

Sledging Adventure at Schatzalp: Our White Winter Fun

Schatzalp Davos

Sledging at SchatzalpOur winter amusement, unfolded at Schatzalp, where a remarkable funicular ride through a forested mountain set the stage for a thrilling sledging experience. The easy downward slope, winding through snow-covered trees, brought moments of pure joy. As the trail opened to a breathtaking view of Davos, we felt immersed in the enchanting beauty of the winter landscape. Sledding is becoming our new favorite winter sports! So much fun and excitement involved!

Our visit to Davos coincided with Davos Christmas Market weekend. The distinctive fact about this market is that it’s all on the snow, so it gives a beautiful white touch reflecting on the kiosks that are installed around.

AlpenGold Davos SPA: Where Winter Bliss Takes Center Stage

Nescens SPA at AlpenGold Davos

Nescens SPA outdoor pool at AlpenGold DavosThe day’s adventures culminated in a return to AlpenGold Hotel, signaling a shift to relaxation mode at its SPA Nescens. The indoor and outdoor pools, surrounded by snow, offered a winter oasis of solace. The outside pool, with its jets and bubble bed, provided a unique experience as the sunset bathed the surroundings in hues of blue and gold. Saunas & steam rooms completed our luxurious post-snow escapade. The SPA also offers an array of relaxing and indulging SPA treatments to choose from.

Davos Lake, where Nature Reveals its Magic

Davos Lake, DavoserseeDavos Lake, just steps away, from AlpenGold, added another layer of winter charm. A stroll by the lakeside, with snow-covered shores reflecting golden sunshine, became a serene winter experience. The lake is open to the Davos mountains, which leaves a stunning reflection on its waters. From the other side, the alpine forest borders the lake creating a wonderful green, golden and white frame to the blueish waters of the lake.

Just next to the hotel, the cross-country ski trail passes by. Overall Davos has the 2nd longest Nordic ski trails in Switzerland with 150 km in total. We were excited to watch as the skiers passed by every morning winding through the pristine forest.

Gastronomic Delights: A Feast for the Senses

Dinner at SaporiGastronomy at AlpenGold is an experience on its own. As we are big fans of Italian cuisine, we first tried Sapori, the Italian restaurant of the hotel. This was one of the best Italian meals we had since a while. For starters, we loved the octopus. For main dish – the home made taliagtelle with shrimp and caviar was out of this world.

La MuñaLa Muña dinning experience took us to another gastronomical destination and height. The restaurant is inspired by Peruvian cuisine, tweaked with an Asian touch. Nestled at the hotel 10th floor summit, the setting is very elegant and romantic. The top-floor offered breathtaking views of Davos and its surrounding mountains, creating an unforgettable visual and culinary journey. From ceviche to sushi, and from gyoza to tempura, all flavorful and tasted heavenly. To further enhance the experience, try the restaurant signature cocktails, they are amazing!

Breakfast with a View: Our Morning Ritual

Breakfast at AlpenGold Davos

BreakfastThe culinary experience extended beyond the dinners at Sapori & la Mũna. Each day began with a hearty breakfast served in the salle of Sapori, opening to a terrace with a mesmerizing view of the forest and town. The breakfast buffet is rich with diverse options. From cheese and cold cuts to bakeries and eggs.

We ventured to the outside terrace for a coffee sip. The combination of sunny weather, a cold breeze, and the unparalleled forest view created a serene start to each day.

A Golden Standard: Our Winter Bliss at AlpenGold Davos

Our weekend in Davos was a symphony of white and golden moments, an ideal blend of winter fun and luxury that elevated our Alpine experience to a golden standard. AlpenGold Davos for us was not merely a resort, it was our  Alpine haven. Every detail, from the suite to the SPA and from the gastronomy to the snow lounge at the slopes, was designed to create  memories that we will cherish for long.

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