The infinite pleasures of Brissago: meet the Parkhotel Brenscino

The definition of pleasure is different from one person to another. It can also change with time. For us, after weeks of almost continuous rain & gloomy weather, it was a pleasure to find a sunny spot in Brissago, where we didn’t need to cross the border, do a PCR test or quarantine!

So we packed and headed South to one of the best hotels in Brissago (as we strongly believe☺️) on Lago Maggiore, just steps ahead of the Italian border where we were hosted by our friends – Parkhotel Brenscino.

Pleasure to the eyes – the views from Parkhotel Brenscino

Balcony views - hotels in BrissagoThe Parkhotel Brenscino location at the top of the hill, especially at the narrow stretch overlooking the Brissago islands creates a panoramic view point out of our balcony from daylight to night. The high green mountains fencing Lago Maggiore reflect a spectrum of shades and light that alternates every hour, thus creating multiple versions of the same view! This is really one of the things that makes it one of the best hotels in Brissago and Lago Maggiore. We were so eager to wake up early and watch the sunrise, and so hesitant to leave the balcony for dinner in the evening before we captured as much as we can of the dawn!

Parkhotel Brenscino Pools as a condensed pleasure

Brenscino pool - hotels in BrissagoSoaking in the sun at the Parkhotel Brissago pool side or dipping in it for a refreshing swim, chilling & relaxing on the “chaise-longue”, day-dreaming or contemplating the breathtaking view of Lago Maggiore!😍

It was like a summer menu of pleasures condensed in a cosy area out of this world. The pool creates a visual effect of water with no boundary as if you are swimming in the pool and lake at the same time! Strongly this is one of the reasons its makes this place one of the top hotels of Brissago and the Lake Maggiore region!

The 3S pleasures of “Al Fresco” Brissago menu: salt, sour, sweet & repeat

food at Brenscino - hotels in Brissago

(Burrata 😋  )

Food for us is not only a pleasure but also a source of happiness. We had generous flow of it with every meal at “Al Fresco” Brissago -the restaurant of Parkhotel Brissago. We really couldn’t easily choose from “Al Fresco” rich menu, so we decided to each try a new dish every time! Escalopes or pasta, salads or carpaccio or the various creative risottos of the chef of the hotel’s restaurant “Al Fresco”, the two times winner of Locarno Risotto Festival award! What intensified the food experience is the sunny terrace overlooking the lake that even triggers the appetite further. To top it all, homemade Tiramisu and gelato made us even more guilty in pleasure! “Al Fresco” restaurant definitely adds reason of why Parkhotel Brissago is one of the sought after hotels in Brissago.

Sports as an outdoor/indoor pleasure at Parkhotel Brenscino: tennis & skittle-alley

Tennis court - Hotels in Brissago15 years after the iconic match of Roger Federer & Andrea Agassi on the highest tennis court of the world, top of the tower of Bourj el-Arab, we had our chance for an iconic match on top of the lake! The Parkhotel Brenscino had a tennis court that attracts amateurs like us to serve the yellow ball 🎾.

If tennis was a bit of a stretch for us, we found our game in an indoor skittle-alley that the hotel just re-opened for its guests. It was such fun to see how the big ball was mostly going diagonal rather than straight despite our efforts!

On top of all these pleasures, the most indulging treat was the feel of welcome and warm attitude of the staff of Parkhotel Brenscino. They really made us feel at home & among very caring friends. This makes quite a difference for a stay, and that’s why we came back as we promised before (our post about our first stay at Parkhotel Brenscino here). We sincerely recommend this place as one of top hotels in Brissago, to our friends and readers not just because we were hosted by the hotel!

Palms in Brenscino parkhotel

Practical information

Hygiene measures

What probably matches the welcoming attitude is the obsession with hygienic measures at Parkhotel Brissago. We were counting that almost every door had a sanitiser hanging next to it! The staff, especially at the restaurant were always masked and very attentive.

How to get there You can both reach Parkhotel Brenscino by car. It can take you up to 5h by car from Geneva unless you would want to drive through Italy and then it gets shorter by 30 minutes. This time we chose the train. From the first glance it seems long (all in all 6 hours) but you have couple changes that allow you to stretch your legs and the views are just wow! Not to mention, that on the way, you will go through the longest railway tunnel in the world -The Gotthard Base tunnel!

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