Swiss Christmas Gifts Ideas – 2022 Guide

Did you start the Christmas countdown? Have you launched the search for Christmas gifts or started browsing for Christmas gift ideas? If you are looking for “Swiss” Christmas gift ideas, look no more! Here is our 2022 Swiss Christmas gifts ideas list, that will make any secret Santa jealous!

Our focus for this year is mostly on socially responsible products and some that trigger your tasting buds!

Einfach Weniger – Sustainable Christmas Gift Idea

Einfach Weniger Christmas giftSustainability is one of the subjects that is close to our hearts. That’s why we are always in search for sustainable alternatives of the products we use, and if the alternative is also local, then it’s a jackpot!

This is how we discovered Einfach Weniger! It is an online store run by a couple from canton of Bern – Annika und Raphael – who got the idea of providing a selection of environmentally friendly and sustainable products for everyday use after they became parents. You will find an extensive list of sustainable products for everyday needs from suncreams and make-up removal pads to children items such as toothbrushes and lunch boxes! They do an amazing job by sourcing the products they offer on the web-site as local as possible.

Einfach WenigerWe already tried a couple of their products, the quality and the look are amazing! Some of the recommended Christmas gift ideas (and also favourites of Annika and Raphael ;)) are:

Sweetzerland – Christmas Gift Idea for Chocolate Lovers

Sweetzerland - Chocolate Christmas GiftWhen it is Christmas then it’s also sweets and chocolate time!  If you want to indulge your beloved ones and yourself with a Swiss exclusive artisanal chocolate, we have Sweetzerland to recommend to you!

We are hardcore chocolate lovers! Who is not?!, specially when you live in Switzerland! The taste of their truffles and pralines are heavenly!  It literally makes you close your eyes and hum as you want to focus all your senses on this wonderful tasting experience. They have around 20 types of it, fruit or nuts based.

They also have a selection of chocolate bars and sweet rocks that you can nibble on for a longer chocolate tasting moment.

SweetzerlandThey focus particular attention on ethically and locally sourced ingredients. We visited their boutique in Geneva and they explained to us passionately, while we had the tasting, how they only choose the finest of the Cacao Grand Cru that is full of aromas and flavors, based on eco-friendly and Fair trade farming.

Local sourcing is also fundamental; Swiss milk and salt crystals from the Alps, aronia berries from Montherod, hazelnuts from neighboring Piedmont, pistachios and almonds from Sicily.

The packaging of Sweetzerland stands out as design and is also made of sustainable material. It’s an exclusive gift, as they have only one unique boutique in Geneva where you can do some chocolate tasting. Alternatively it can be a nice corporate Christmas gift for those who want to reward their teams or employees with something special this Christmas!

Le T – Authentic Swiss Gift Idea for Tea Lovers

Le T - Christmas Tea giftAs a couple, we are equally balanced between a coffee lover and a tea lover! So if you have a tea lover within your beloved ones or if you want to pull them to the tea team, this Christmas gift idea is for you!

Le T! A company specialized in premium teas and redefining tea moments.

They create an array of infusions and blends that can make anyone (re)fall in love with tea!

The packaging is a feast to the eye and reflects the premiumness of the tea inside. Not only that but the packaging is also well designed to preserve all the flavours and aromas till it’s unleashed in a nice warm cup.

Le T ' Christmas GiftTheir lineup includes tea pots and cups sets that can make for a distinctive gift, as well as their “Coffret TRIO: Noël Magique” that is an authentic idea of a Swiss Christmas gift!

Victorinox- A Swiss Christmas Gift Idea that Became Global

VictorinoxIt all started with a knife, the iconic Swiss Army knife, some 130+ years ago!

The originally called Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife, became a symbol and core not only for the Victorinox company but also a symbol of the Swiss passion for quality, precision and “cutting edge” technology.

The product range of the company evolved and diversified into other product categories including watches and travel gear.

The production for most of Victorinox products is local. The common for all the product range is Victorinox commitment that all its products achieve the highest standards of excellence and quality. As we are regular travellers we tried their carry-on luggage and we loved it! It’s heavy duty while also being light and rolls super easy! A set of knives can also be suitable for the condensed cooking season!

Being socially responsible we were glad to know that not-for-profit foundation that supports charitable projects holds 10% of its shares.

Say “Cheese” for Christmas Gifts Ideas

Le Gruyere cheeseThis is an authentic AND delicious gift that you can present to your beloved ones or family. We used to have a tradition of designing a Swiss food gourmet basket when we visit family for Christmas lunch or dinner and Swiss cheese was a consistent element of the Swiss food basket!

No need to introduce the Swiss cheese for foodies and Swiss food lovers. Actually the cheese making tradition in the Switzerland goes as far back as 1115 A.D!

Eh viola! This is our list that has very diverse Christmas gift ideas from Swiss Food to Sustainable products! Other than this hand picked list, we recommend you also visit the amazing Christmas markets across Switzerland. Christmas Market Montreux, Zurich Christmas market, Basel Christmas market etc.. There you can find a lot of authentic hand made Christmas gifts.

As I am wrapping up this Christmas Gifts ideas list, I am starting a letter to my secret Santa. Maybe my Christmas gifts wishes can come true!

“Dear secret Santa, I have been a good boy…please check the above list! 👆

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