Summer in St. Moritz, what can a renowned winter destination offer for the sunny days?

St. Moritz is well-known as a posh winter destination. As much as this description sounds prestigious, yet this reputation does considerable injustice to this beautiful city in summer! Our summer escapade led us to the enchanting city of St. Moritz in Engadin, where we wanted to discover what this renowned resort has to offer. Our stay was right in the city center, in the delightful Art Boutique Hotel Monopol St. Moritz.

Hotel Monopol St. MoritzNestled in the heart of the city, this gem offered unparalleled convenience and beautiful views over the glistening Lake St. Moritz. It was key enabler to uncover the summer look of the city nick named as “Top of the World”!

Experiences at the Doorstep: Shopping in St. Moritz

Shopping St. MoritzThe hotel’s central location meant that we had easy access to numerous activities and experiences. Shopping is a sport in St. Moritz. Most of the luxury brands have a shop here as it’s a well targeted shopping destination. From Hermes to Louis Vuitton and from Chanel to Bulgari, Luxury shoppers won’t miss anything!. The window displays are so elegant and stylish.

Shopping St. MoritzEven patisseries and bakeries create cakes with branded decorations! The streets are spotted with nice cafes to take a rest from heavy shopping ☺️. Even if you are not into shopping, just sipping a coffee and watching the pedestrians  passing by elegantly is an enjoyment!

Rising to the Heights: Piz Nair Cable Car and the Breathtaking Panorama

View from Piz Nair

Piz Nair viewsJust couple of steps from Hotel Monopol, there is the valley station for the funicular that goes to Piz Nair. Actually the funicular goes first to Chantarella and Corviglia and from there you can take the cable car to Piz Nair at more than 3000 meters height! Taking the funicular, to just 30m below the highest peak, we were transported to a world of majestic peaks and awe-inspiring scenery. The view from Piz Nair was simply breathtaking, leaving us humbled by the grandeur of the Swiss Alps. It’s highly recommended to take some time and stop also at Chantarella and Corviglia as the views there are as awesome. 

A Serene Oasis: Lake Staz

Lej da StazA leisurely hike from St. Moritz, along the shore of its lake and you get to Lake Staz (Lej da Staz as its locally called). Lake Staz is a real gem that offers a serene encounter with nature. The crystal-clear waters tempted us to take a refreshing swim. The tranquility of the lake was a soothing balm for our souls. We enjoyed sitting on the deck of this gem, watching some horses circling the lake, while the mountains of Engadin valley soared in the background. The best time to visit this lake is in the morning, where the mist creates magical fog over the waters.

Exploring Sils Maria: A Stroll and a Hike

Lake Sils

Sils Maria - Nietzsche houseA trip to Lake Sils revealed yet another gem. It’s only a short ride from St. Moritz and easily connected by public transport. We embarked on a scenic hike around the lake, soaking in the surrounding beauty. If you are not into hiking, you can take the motor boat for a ride around the lake. Head there in advance of schedule as the boat fills fast. And rightly so – the scenery is stunning!

Strolling through Sils Maria Village, we felt the charm of this alpine town seep into our hearts. On top of its natural beauty the village also hosts Nietzsche-Haus, a house in Sils Maria  where the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche lived during the summers of 1881 and from 1883 to 1888.

Artistic Splendors and a Sky Bar with a View

Art at Hotel MonopolBack to Hotel Monopol, we were captivated by its beautiful art displays. Every floor is with a different art/artist theme. From contemporary artworks and sculptures of Robert Mars, Marc Quinn,  Rainer Lagemann, and Hunt Slonem consecutively. To featuring the artworks of infamous Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. We decided to go up by stairs so we can observe all the art displays. The collection is really diverse. It gives the place a very distinctive feel and sets the tone for the stay.

Views from Sky bar at Hotel Monopol St.Moritz

Drinks at Sky Bar Monopol

Up all the way till the roof top. The sky bar above offered a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque surroundings, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration. The cocktails of this bar are fantastic and actually the bartender won first place in St. Moritz cocktail week for his non-alcoholic signature cocktail. We loved the bar setting such that we had one of our meals there to enjoy the view. The outside Terrace is also amazing. In winter it is covered and heated but in Summer, it opens to the fresh air and cool breeze of St. Moritz.

Indulgence and Serenity: The Spa and Jacuzzi Experience

Spa at Hotel MonopolThe hotel’s SPA, also located on the roof top, was an oasis of relaxation. We were pampered with invigorating massage treatments, that relaxed us totally after a long activity day. The jacuzzi provided much-needed serenity, melting away any remaining stress. We didn’t mind that the weather changes rapidly in St. Moritz. As the clouds were gathering for a sudden summer storm, we were indulging in the jacuzzi, contemplating on the lake and rooftops of St. Moritz.

Gastronomic Delights: A Culinary Journey

Dinner at Hotel MonopolAs self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, we were delighted to discover the hotel’s restaurant. The cuisine was a delightful blend of local flavors and international dishes. Every meal was a culinary journey, leaving our taste buds yearning for more. We loved the pasta, while the risotto with shrimp was simply amazing. For main dish go for meat , so tender and soft that it melts in the mouth! The hotel restaurant is on the ground floor. What compensates for the views is the beautiful decoration but more importantly is the food show presentation. For Dessert, the no miss is the Crepes Suzette! It’s not only super delicious, but its prepared in front of your eyes and it’s so enjoyable to watch!

Dinner at Hotel Monopol St. MoritzThe restaurant has an open terrace right outside in the center of the city. During the day it’s quite an experience to have a quick meal or just a drink and watch the people as they elegantly stroll the city.

Summer Days to Cherish in St. Moritz and Art Boutique Hotel Monopol

Our summer adventure in St. Moritz was a remarkable experience, thanks to our stay at Art Boutique Hotel Monopol. The hotel’s unbeatable location, beautiful views, and exceptional amenities made it a memorable retreat. From the artistic treasures to the delectable cuisine, we were left thoroughly enchanted. With the multitude of activities and stunning landscapes St. Moritz had to offer, we discovered that this city has a beautiful Summer face, that’s as attractive as its winter outfit!

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