Summer in Saas-Fee: hiking and Spa

Authenticity is the way to the heart

Saas-Fee villageConnecting with mother nature and taking a distance from the buzz of city life is not a new trend, but it took a big boost during the pandemic. Like many others, we got tired of lockdowns and restrictions, of home confinements and social distancing. We urged for locations where we can put at ease our worries, widen our sight horizon and breathe clean fresh air. So Saas-Fee was our destination!

Saas-Fee is well renounced for being a luxurious ski resort in winter, but in summer it turns into an amazing hiking destination. The village itself kept its authentic look and feel. A car-free location, decorated with old wooden mini houses standing on stone columns like mushrooms in a forest.

All the (hiking) roads lead to Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee hikingThis place is a heaven for hikers, a destination that gives choice to all, a true democratic republic of hiking. From every corner of the village, there are multiple diverse trails that are suitable for diverse audience: solo hikers, amateurs, professionals, families, & even couples with baby strollers!!

We chose a children friendly hike. Quickly our hike turned into a true treasure hunt as we were searching for marmots along the way. The marmot seems to be the live mascot of Saas-Fee, but instead of marmots we encountered bulls, cows and several squirrels 🐿😁

The most amazing part of the hike is the breathtaking scenery. The route is filled with postcard landscapes from start point till our base at Saas-Fee Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa’s balcony, our host for the trip.

The golden outdoor-indoor balance

Spa at Walliserhof

After a day of hiking, a couple of hours of relaxation in the Spa are priceless!

Having taken off our hiking gear, we put on our fluffy robes, slide into a pair of comfy slippers and we head to a world of de-stress, tranquility and pampering! Pool-sauna-jacuzzi and repeat! That was our “routine” during our stay at Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa! And that’s really what energized us to hit several hiking trails.

The hotel is the best example of Swiss authenticity and luxury. From the outside it’s like a magnified Swiss chalet, built of natural material such as wood & stone. A sincere inspiration of the Swiss Alps and its treasures. In addition, the interior design is a true reflection of refined taste and high attention to details. You see and feel this obsession with details in all aspects, from the luxurious furniture as if out of a design magazine, to the special hiking backpacks prepared for you, to even the tailor made goodnight chocolate treats. We were really impressed by the generosity of our hosts, who accommodated us in a superior spacy suite that had a fantastic balcony view over the glacier.

Balcony view

Car-free, buzz-free

Saas-Fee villageProbably the only noise you will hear in Saas-Fee will be the roaring river edging the village. Evening strolls by the river became a ritual there as it was literally steps away from our hotel. The view of the glacier is a feast to the eyes, but you cannot escape the reality that it’s shrinking with time. If any realization came out of this pandemic it is that mother nature & us, both need a break to re-energize!

Special edition

George Michael's stay“Last Christmas I gave you my heart”

For those of you born or who grew up in the 80s, you must remember George Michael and his famous Christmas carol! Guess where its video clip was shot? Saas-Fee 👏👏

In attribution to George’s stay at Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa, the hotel themed some suites with his memory, which gave a nice romantic touch.

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