Gstaad or Saanen? HUUS Gstaad!

The world of glamour is marked with the stories of siblings where the fame of one overshadows the other. And this is the modern tale of the two sisters Gstaad & Saanen!

No need to say that Gstaad is the outgoing, “bling-bling” one. Its streets are filled with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel & Hermès, all located in fabulous traditional buildings. Its alleys became the catwalks of the fashionistas who stroll in their après-ski outfits. The international events such as the Swiss Open ATP tennis tourment, attracts the high class society.


Saanen on the other hand is the elder but more “down-to-earth” sister. Its cobble stone streets and wooden buildings are quite an attraction for the wonderers. Saanen has its own share of fame, it even hosts an international polo tournament building on its sister’s fame! Thus, the name – Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad! 


What do the two sister villages have in common? 

Well other than then the geography, the amazing après-ski ambiance in winter season that brings together a community where likeminded people who love adventures and experiences meet and mingle. 

And this is what our host HUUS Gstaad managed to excel in! 

HUUS The LivingroomThe hotel introduced a renovation of the après-ski concept in winter season in a stylish & amicable manner.

HUUS Gstaad has transformed their lobby into a gathering point lounge, a destination on its own, succeeding in bringing people together and creating the ambiance for them to re-socialise.

The design of the lounge, a.k.a “The Livingroom” makes even odds feel welcome. On one side you have a wall-high bar full of spirits that can ease any shyness 🍻. On the other side, a library that reaches the roof and a fireplace that brings back the love of reading 📖 . So you end up with a diverse melange of people, that come from different backgrounds and interests yet they all share the love of socialising. 

Huus Gstaad - library

“The Livingroom” lounge is open all along to a terrace that is literally breathtaking. During the day, the interior merges with the outside mountainous nature through its high ceiling and wide open windows that reflects the light inside. The interior is very colourfully and tastefully furnished. The magnificent orange couch is a central piece and somehow reminds me of the famous “Friends” series and its iconic Central Perk Cafe couch. (Yes, I am from that generation!) 

Huus Gstaad - bar standAnd of course the DJ! On Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays the DJ brings out all of those components together in his music. The atmosphere he creates is universal with upbeat versions of classics from all around the world.

Hunger got to us while we were at the lounge, and we were lucky that it was Sushi night! And the chef is from Japan! To be honest in Switzerland we had to suppress our craving for sushi. It’s pretty hard to find some that meets our demanding taste. But this experience was simply mouth-watering 🤤! 

Talking about food, the restaurant is partially an extension to the lounge area and you can feel the atmosphere even there. We loved the setting during the day as it’s all open to the amazing terrace. The local ingredients are the base for the menu and the pistachio-crusted rack of lamb with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots is to die for 😋!

HUUS Gstaad restaurantOur cheat night was a cozy tête-à-tête in the HUUS Igloo.  While it was literally freezing outside, we were warming up on the moitié-moitié cheese! Go for the champagne Fondue, it’s such a delicacy 🥂 ! 

We loved that the hotel is in sync with our theme “Go For Experiences”. Actually your stay includes many actives & experiences, such as sledging & nordic walking in winter which extends to river rafting & guided mountain bikes in the summer. 

Gstaad or Saanen? maybe the ultimate option is HUUS Gstaad ☺️. Can’t wait to visit again in the summer!

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