Redefining Luxury Mountain Living: An Alpine retreat at Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa

We impatiently await winter in Switzerland for its amazing Alpine experiences. This year we wanted to make our season opening memorable so we went for a distinctive start. Embarking on our latest adventure, we found ourselves immersed in the lap of relaxation and luxury at Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa. Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, our home for the trip was the exquisite Mountain Lofts. A testament to modern elegance and comfort.

Elevating Accommodation: The Amazing Mountain Lofts

The Mountain Lofts- Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Open kitchen at the Mountain Loft of Tschuggen Grand HotelCan’t describe our feeling when we entered the  loft. We felt overwhelmed as we moved from one space to another to discover it. Spacious, modernly furnished, fully equipped, and offering breathtaking views all around. One can say that these lofts redefine the notion of luxury mountain living! Our loft boasted three bedrooms, one of which a master bedroom, a sunlit spacious living room, two bathrooms and an open kitchen.

The balcony is equipped with sun-beds which makes a perfect place to chill when the sun is out. The master bedroom on the opposite side has a long balcony which opens to the forest. It has such a stunning view to wake up to!  We aimed to enjoy every space in the Mountain Loft.

Playing chess at the Mountain LoftEven utilising the wooden chess table for a game (it can get very competitive when we play!). The mountain Lofts are seamlessly connected  to the hotel’s facilities, which really made our stay quite extraordinary. We also had an amazing breakfast in the loft, in the comfort of the salon, while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Breakfast at the Mountain Loft

Indulging in Relaxation: The Luxurious Bergoase SPA

Bergoase SPA at Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa

Outdoor pool at Bergoase SPA, ArosaOur weekend unfolded in a tapestry of indulgence. Starting with the stunning 5000 square meters SPA designed by the renowned Mario Botta. Spanning 4 different floors, the spa featured multiple saunas, relaxation rooms, and indoor & outdoor swimming pools. All merged in an awe-inspiring architecture, utilising marble flooring and curved stone walls. The glass sails of the exterior added a remarkable distinctiveness to the design. They even became a landmark on their own. While the outdoor heated pool, gently caressed by snow, offered an unforgettable relaxing experience. We were enjoying the water warmth as the snow was falling on us! The SPA has also a fully equipped gym that is open 24/7. And it also offers a variety of treatments that are so tempting and indulging. There is also a physiotherapist available on demand that can help with certain needs.

Gastronomy Delights: A Culinary amusement at the Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant at Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa

Grand Restaurant at Tschuggen Grand HotelOur culinary journey at the Grand Restaurant was nothing short of a gastronomic delight. The restaurant offered two menus simultaneously, one of which is a plant-based option, while both use locally sourced ingredients. Every recipe was a celebration of the region’s flavors. The setting is amazing within the big salle historic decoration and its dimmed chandelier and candle lights. The other restaurant, La Colina, offers more casual buffet and contemporary setting. The buffet breakfast is also served into the salle of the Grand restaurant. It has an amazing array of cheese, cold cuts, fruits, bread and all what is wished for to start the day.

The hotel has two additional restaurants, including the prestigious 2 Michelin-starred “La Brzzasa”, slated to open mid-December, and “The Basement” which focuses more on high quality food from local producers,  perfect after a day on the slopes.

Salon at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Signature cocktail at Tschuggen Grand HotelThe lobby, a masterpiece divided into four areas (including the terrace) representing the four seasons, seamlessly led us to the bar. Here, we were treated to expertly crafted signature cocktails. It was perfect accompaniment to end of day debrief, as we recapped the symphony of experiences we had during the day.

The Lobby’s elegant design and high quality furniture radiates premium-ness and luxury yet in a subtle way. Some chandeliers were hand made Swarowski and some couches were made of fine cashmere.

Distinctive Exclusivity: Did You Say a Private Railway?!

Tschuggen Express, Arosa

Tschuggen Express, ArosaThe hotel’s unique offering, Tschuggen Express – a private railway cabin with 12 seats, transported us to the mountain peaks of Arosa. Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa is the only Swiss hotel with its private railway—a testament to true exclusivity. From there were delighted in the thrill of sledding back to the hotel, marking the beginning of a season of excitement. As one of the first to sledge down this season, we revelled in the exclusivity of this remarkable experience. Additionally, from the top station, we could also embark on a different adventure. A snow hike to the iconic church of Arosa, the Bergkirchli, which is the oldest building in Arosa(1492) and a local landmark.

Outdoor Adventures: Embracing Nature’s Wonders

Eichhörnliweg ArosaTalking about outdoors, no visit to Arosa would be complete without reconnecting with old friends—the squirrels at the Squirrel Trail. Amidst the charming critters, we relished in the simple joy of feeding them, adding a special touch to our mountain retreat.

Obersee, ArosaAdditionally, from the path you can also observe Obersee, the welcoming lake upon entering Arosa. The lake has started to have its winter outfit, with ice starting to accumulate at the surface.

From there, we continued towards the other lake, Untersee, which has a refreshing Eisbadi (natural ice bath) for the daring ones. Our souls were freezing as we were observing a couple that were taking an ice bath surrounding by the beautiful nature. Ice bathing seems to be a local sport in Arosa, as there is a trainer at the Eisbadi who can prepare you for such an adventure.

Moving Mountains: Experiences beyond facilities of Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa

Tschuggen Grand Hotel goes beyond providing amazing distinctive facilities, into driving “Moving Mountains” experiences that shows genuine care for the well being and comfort of its clients. Other than the physiotherapist at the SPA, the hotel also has a dream butler that provides advice to clients for better sleep and even accompanies them to bed. The hotel team combines high professionalism and amazing friendliness. Impeccable service met us at every turn, with a staff that exuded kindness and attentiveness to our every need.

Sustainability at its Core: Impeccable Service with a Green Heart

Beyond luxury, Tschuggen Grand Hotel has woven sustainability into its very fabric. The hotel pioneers as the first luxury hotel group to achieve CO2 neutrality. The commitment extends from the restaurant menus to heating systems, with plans for electric cars in the near future.

Iconic design of Tschuggen Grand HotelIn the heart of the Swiss Alps, Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa not only redefined our perception of luxury mountain living but also set a new standard for sustainable opulence. From the exquisite Mountain Lofts to the exclusive railway and stunning SPA. Our journey was a testament to the extraordinary experiences this gem has to offer. It embraced us with a sense of uniqueness while being surrounded by the Swiss Alps, a benchmark that will be hard to beat!

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