Swiss watchmaking workshops by Initium: make your own Swiss watch

An unforgettable lesson in theory and practice from a master watchmaker help you pierce the mysteries of a Swiss watchmaking. Screwdriver and tweezers in hand, experience the unique thrill of seeing the beating heart of the watch you assembled come to life.

Detailed description below.


Your Swiss Watchmaking Workshop

Switzerland prides itself in being one of the top world’s watch producers. The country boasts of producing the first wristwatch in the world, the first waterproof watch… So why wouldn’t you, while living or visiting Switzerland, not get a memorable experience at a Swiss watchmaking workshop and make your own watch?

We are opening our doors to all the watch enthusiasts, who’d like to try it for the first time or already have experience, and offer a wide range of watchmaking workshops. The ultimate goal is to welcome you in an amazing world of secrets of Swiss watchmaking.

Types of Watchmaking Workshops

There are 2 decisions to make before you choose the right workshop for you: would you like to make your own watch during the workshop and how much time you could dedicate? Based on these, you could choose between:

  1. Introduction to watchmaking (duration: 3 hours)
  2. Make your own watch (duration: can be half or 1 day)

You can do any of the workshops either for mechanic (hand-wound) or automatic type of watch.

Workshop Schedule

Schedule depends on the type of the workshop. The half-day workshops are planned in the morning, while on request some of the workshops can be organised in the afternoon. The date of the workshop is set by Initium based on participants and watchmaker’s availability.


All the workshops can be given in French, English, German or Spanish.


The workshops are organised both in Geneva, in Gebertingen and in Le Noirmont, in the Swiss Jura.

Address in Le Noirmont: Sous-la-Velle 14, 2340 Le Noirmont.

Address in Geneva: Grand-Rue 17, 1204 Genève

Address in Gebertingen: Breitenaustrasse 10, 8725 Gebertingen