Get a bird’s view of Switzerland: Paragliding Flights

Probably the most exhilarating, peaceful and pure form of aviation yet invented, paragliding in Villars region of Switzerland offers the incredible feeling of free flying, among magnificent valleys and mountains, with only sound of the wind!

Detailed description of this experience is below.


Swiss Paragliding Tandem Flight

Switzerland is one of the most naturally rich and beautiful countries one could set his eyes on. And the most breathtaking way of witnessing this magical beauty is taking the Swiss paragliding tandem flight in the heart of Villars region.

Paragliding is easy: a bit of courage, a pinch of laugh, a bright smile and here you go. Yann Lombard is an experienced paragliding pilot with mutliple diplomas and bright spirit.

Who can take a paragliding tandem flight?

Absolutely everybody: all ages from 6 to 104!

Type of Flights

If it is your first flight, go for the experience of an Initiation flight. This would be a breathtaking flight of 15 to 20 minutes at the height of 700 meters.

If you already have experienced the freedom of paragliding in the air, choose a longer flight of 25 minutes. You will fly at the height of 1400 meters.