Luxury Redefined: Our Enchanting Tranquility Getaway in Brigels

Busy, loaded, stressed, fatigued… descriptions we frequently use to describe our daily life. We crave for time when we can replenish our energy, for places where we can detox our minds… Luckily in Switzerland these places are within reach and pretty accessible. Our summer endeavours continued and took us this time to Brigels… A bit off the beaten path… but isn’t that the objective? To go more in the heart of  Swiss Alps nature and authenticity.

Uncovering Brigels Village’s Authentic Charms

The village of Brigels / BreilOur voyage into tranquility commenced in the quaint village of Brigels. Authentic houses, steeped in history, greeted us with a warm embrace.  We took the afternoon we arrived to relax from travel and walk around the village enchanting streets. The houses, the local shops, the bakery, where all in Alp style building that stand out as witness to the era they were built in.

Cacharia in BrigelsOur first mission was to wake up early morning.  As dawn painted the sky, we stood witness to a timeless tradition – local farmers delivering their morning milk to the “Cacheria”, which is the local dairy shop, that transforms that organic milk into different dairy products. It was a genuine glimpse into the heart of the village’s rustic authenticity. There we uncovered a bigger secret. Actually the “Casheria” uses a milk “pipeline” that stretches under the ground to the big farms in the pastures high in the mountains and milk is transported through it!

Tranquility Amidst Nature: A Trek to Brigels Lake

Brigels Lake

Cresta FallaA scenic trail beckoned, leading us to the picturesque Brigels Lake, nestled amidst lush landscapes, a leisurely walk from town. Next to the lake there was a small amusement park, with small ponds. A nice family place, well equipped, where parents can take their children for a swim or to play.  We hopped aboard the cable car that gracefully lifted us to Cresta Fall. Meter by meter, the lake seemed to fade, replaced by the soothing whispers of nature, and the rhythmic ringing of cows bells . The Burleon round hiking trail is relatively easy and on some part of it there were children amusements such as squirrel path, ropes and slides.

Refreshing Waters of Flem at Alp da Stiarls

Alp de Stiarls

Flem riverOur exploration continued along the meandering path towards Alp da Stiarls. Nature’s beauty enveloped us as we wound our way through verdant meadows and tranquil woods. The hike was relatively easy with some ascent. At our journey’s end, a revitalizing reward awaited – the chance to dip our fatigued feet into the crisp, invigorating waters. Even at the peak of summer, the water of the flowing river is freezing cold. This simple yet re-energizing act was a testament to the rejuvenating luxury of nature’s embrace. Through out the hike you can notice many benches installed for hikers to relax and enjoy. The views from some benches are simply breathtaking, and can prolong the hike time but also immense the pleasure! The amazing thing is that through out the hike you can find some wide raspberry bushes, so we stopped to pick some and enjoy!

A Stroll Through History & Nature: Jörgenberg Castle to Brigels


from Waltensberg to BrigelsOur adventure in Brigels extended beyond nature’s realm. The path led us on a historical expedition, guiding us from the walls of Jörgenberg Castle and back to the heart of Brigels. The route took us through the beautiful village of Waltensburg. Cobblestone streets whispered tales of generations past, and hiking trails of adventures. Merging the tranquility of nature with the rich tapestry of human history, creating a unique sense of serenity. This area is truly authentic and not on the tourists target list.

Tranquil Indulgence at La Val Hotel & SPA

During our stay, La Val Hotel & SPA was our nest, providing a haven of comfort and relaxation. The hotel has a unique way of welcoming guests by having a seated check-in! Over a refreshing drink, the hotel team explains the facilities of the hotel and its offerings. The most distinctive was the tips about local traditions, experiences, and stunning locations, the team shared, that you will not find easily online! At check-in you are also offered a transportation card that allows you access to some local destinations and cable cars. The hotel values a lot tranquility and they even offer willing guests to keep their mobiles during their stay!!


lounge chairs at SPA of La VALAs everyday’s explorations drew to a close, the SPA awaited us. A sanctuary where tiredness eased and stress melted away. The allure of the outdoor whirlpool embraced us, while the indoor pool offered a serene retreat. No matter the weather was moody the SPA facilities were such a relaxing spot!

For further Indulgence we got a soothing massage that was heavenly. The skilled hands took any fatigue and left us in complete relaxation, to almost falling asleep!

Distinctive Interior Design of La Val Hotel & SPA

Interior design of La VAL Hotel & SPAThe hotel pays high attention to detail in design. It’s mostly contemporary but uses natural elements such as stone. The lobby is very cosy and welcoming and open to the bar and dining space. What caught our attention big time is the cigar lounge and its library. Elegant and comfy at the same time, with its coaches and some rocking sofas. We started imagining how lovely this place can be in winter with its fireplace and big windows.

Suite at La ValOur suite was very spacy with two rooms and two bathrooms and a very chic salon space. The balcony enjoys a nice view on the surrounding neighbourhood and was our spot to enjoy a coffee and occasional evening drink.

The hotel has also a kid’s playroom which comes very handy for families with children as its equipped with many different toys that suits a wide age range.

Culinary Delights at La Val Restaurant

Breakfast at La ValCulinary ecstasy awaited us at the hotel’s restaurant. Each meal was a delightful journey through local flavors, with breakfast showcasing an array of tantalizing cheeses and savory sausages, the products of the region!

Cuisine at La VAL Hotel, Brigels

Family suite at La Val Hotel & SPA Evening found us on the balcony, toasting to the day’s adventures with local wine in hand. Each sip was a celebration of not just the delectable fare, but also of the simple luxury found in embracing life’s peaceful moments. Dinners were a feast of gastronomy excellence where international & local recipes championed local ingredients. The distinctive thing of the hotel’s restaurant, is that you can have the same brilliant menu either inside in the fine dining setting or on the outside terrace in a much more casual. We tried both (when the weather allowed). It really makes the dining experience completely different and further enjoyable. We tried many dishes on the menu and loved it all! We highly recommend the “Beef tartare with smoked meat cuts”, and the “Risotto Carbonara”. For dessert, to miss the “Trio of Alpine Chocolate” or the “Pan Cotta with lemon grass” To make the atmosphere even more special there is live piano playing and singing that adds very romantic feel to the place.

Embracing Serenity: A Journey’s End

Brigels, in all its unspoiled beauty, and Hotel La Val with its service excellence redefined concepts. Tranquility is the new luxury! Every hike etched memories of serenity into our souls. Hotel La Val cocooned us in opulence, from pampering spa sessions to gourmet dining experiences. Departing Brigels, we carried with us a piece of its tranquility, a constant reminder that amidst life’s bustling chaos, the truest form of luxury is the serene embrace of nature and authenticity.

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