Lugano & THE VIEW, the Story of Reinventing Hospitality & Redefining Luxury

Lugano city conjures images of tourists strolling along the waterfront or cruising its picturesque lake. Beholding gems like Morcote & Gandria, or ascending its iconic mountains. Yet, it’s association with tourism is relatively recent. Just a few years ago, Lugano wore a different facade, from which it emerged anew, marking the genesis of our esteemed host, THE VIEW Lugano.

A City’s Transformation: Embracing Tourism

Lugano cityLugano’s metamorphosis from a bustling financial hub to a thriving tourist destination is a testament to its adaptability. With the banking sector relocating to larger cities like Zurich and Geneva, Lugano seized the opportunity to embrace tourism. Despite residing in the shadow of Como’s fame, Lugano emerged with a unique identity, beckoning travellers to explore its hidden treasures.

A Beacon of Distinction: THE VIEW Suites

THE VIEW Lugano Suite

THE VIEW SuiteOur journey began as we ascended Lugano’s verdant hills to reach THE VIEW, a sanctuary of sophistication and exclusivity. THE VIEW’s 23 meticulously designed suites redefine luxury living. From the contemporary elegance of the furnishings to the awe-inspiring vistas from the panoramic balconies, each detail enveloped us in opulence and comfort.


The balcony of the suite was a hotspot of its own. We savored moments with steaming cups of coffee, captivated by the evolving panorama from dawn to dusk. On a sunny spring morning we indulged in a lavish breakfast spread, reveled in culinary delights while basking on the mesmerising morning views.

View from the balcony of THE VIEW LuganoIn the evenings, we enthusiastly observed as the city lights painted the night sky with enchanting hues.

Culinary Excellence: THE VIEW Fine Dining

THE VIEW Fine dining

THE VIEW Fine dining - Open kitchenOur taste buds were tantalized as we indulged in the culinary delights at THE VIEW Fine Dining esteemed restaurant. Awarded a coveted Michelin star and boasting a rating of 16/20 from Gault & Millau, the gastronomic experience surpassed all expectations. Local ingredients took center stage, expertly crafted into mouthwatering dishes that delighted our senses. The open kitchen provided a captivating spectacle, offering a glimpse into the culinary mastery behind each creation.

For our second night, we dined at the Bistro, indulging in classic dishes ranging from hearty pastas to juicy burgers and succulent chicken.

In-room breakfast

As for breakfast, it was a sumptuous affair served in the elegant setting of the fine dining restaurant. The buffet boasted a premium selection of freshly baked pastries, artisanal cheeses, savory cold cuts, ripe fruits, delectable waffles, and fluffy pancakes. Additionally, made-to-order egg plates were available upon request, ensuring a customized and delightful start to the day. 

Serenity in Spa: THE VIEW Spa Retreat


The SPASeeking relaxation, we ventured into The View’s tranquil spa retreat. Nestled within the confines of the hotel, it offered a sanctuary of serenity. We indulged into invigorating massages to release the journey’s stress and tiredness. The specialist offered oils based on our scent preferences, & the message bed was preheated! The SPA has also a rejuvenating salt room and Sauna. The indoor pool, with its panoramic views of Lugano, provided us with a serene backdrop for moments of contemplation and unwinding.

Impeccable Services: Elevating THE VIEW Experience

THE VIEW LuganoOur experience was further elevated by the impeccable service at THE VIEW. Dedicated ambassadors anticipated our every need, ensuring that our stay surpassed all expectations. From arranging bespoke experiences to providing seamless assistance, the team at THE VIEW went above and beyond to make our stay extraordinary. The hotel offers also complimentary smart electric cars, allowing to explore Lugano’s picturesque surroundings with ease.

Exploring Lugano: A Tapestry of Charms


From the moment of arrival, Lugano casts its spell, enchanting visitors with its timeless charm. Whether arriving by train, greeted by sweeping vistas from the hilltop station, or by car, welcomed by the embrace of the circular bay, the city beckons exploration. We took a leisurely stroll through the historic center, which revealed a tapestry of architectural landmarks.

Parco Ciani LuganoA sunset promenade along the waterfront allowed us to reach Parco Ciani with its distinctive Gate of Heaven and beautiful gardens.

Lake Gems & Iconic Mountains: Nature’s Splendor Unveiled

Gandria boat tripBeyond the city limits, Lugano’s natural splendor unfolded before our eyes. A boat excursion to Morcote and Gandria revealed those stunning gems nestled along the shores of the lake. Morcote, was selected a few years ago as the most beautiful village in Switzerland. Its location on the lake shoulder and its charming houses and gardens are a must to explore. Gandria on the other side, is know for its Olive trail. A 3.5 km path that takes you through a journey in the history of the region.

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso viewOur trip to Monte Generoso offered unparalleled vistas that extend all the way to Lake Como. Renowned for its architectural masterpiece, the Fiore di Pietra, designed by the acclaimed architect Mario Botta, it’s a destination of both natural and artistic splendor. At the summit, a charming restaurant awaits alongside a picturesque swing, inviting visitors to savor the breathtaking panoramas. A leisurely 15-minute walk to the Grand Tour spot promises unforgettable photo opportunities. The historic 40-minute train ride up and down the mountain is a journey through time, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing scenery.

Monte Brè

Monte BrèOn the other side, Monte Brè captivated us with its awe-inspiring views of Lugano city and the serene lake below. Ascending via the funicular, the journey itself is a marvel, offering glimpses of the surrounding beauty at every turn.

LuganoOur journey to Lugano and THE VIEW Lugano was more than just a getaway – it was an immersive experience in luxury and adventure. As spring breathed new life into the region, we embraced the allure of Lugano and embarked on a voyage of discovery guided by the unparalleled hospitality of THE VIEW Lugano. The experience left us with the remarkable thought. To stand out you need to be distinctive, and to shine you need to be a league on your own.

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