Best thermal baths in Switzerland: pampered at Le Bains de Lavey

Relaxing & Recharging at one of the Best Thermal Baths in Switzerland

les bains de Lavey parkStress might be one of the biggest consequences of the pandemic…At a time when there is too many things to worry about, from health to work, taking a re-energizing break becomes a must! Don’t you feel that you want to reach a secluded island and disconnect from the world?! Luckily we had a pending invitation from “Les Bains de Lavey” thermal baths one of the distinctive thermal baths in Switzerland. So we decided to pack a weekender and head there to what we started to call  “The Oasis of the valley”.

Of course we were planning to hit the thermal pools the moment we stepped in the hotel les Bains de Lavey, but we were wowed by a nice surprise upon arrival. Our suite was very spacious, nicely furnished, and extending with a big terrace overlooking the surrounding mountains and the big park! So we decided to relax on the chaise-longe and sip a coffee.

Actually the whole hotel les Bains de Lavey looked amazing. The historic beautifully decorated halls gave it a warm atmosphere of authenticity. While the facilities reflected a modern touch, making it one of the best Thermal baths and SPA hotels in Switzerland.

Les Bains de Lavey, It’s hot!

les bains de lavey thermal baths

Time to hit the SPA! From whirlpools to waterfalls and from massage jets to underwater currents: we were in a dilemma wether to just lay back and relax in the jacuzzi or go with the fun flow in the whirlpool. I was a regular guest of the strong swan-neck jets, as I had a stiff neck and shoulders. Actually we were glad to know that this water doesn’t only have relaxing power but also helps to treat rheumatic and dermatological problems.

It is the warmest thermal water in all Thermal baths of Switzerland! Emerging at Lavey at temperature of 65°C after having passed through cracks of crystalline rock that gently heats it up (to even 120°C) before it cools through its way upward to Lavey.


À point or mi-cuit? Restaurant of Hotel Les bains de Lavey

La Table de LaveyBeing hardcore  foodies, we were looking forward to taste the cuisine at «  La Table des Bains ». The restaurant had a very generous and rich buffet. Usually, we are more into menu setting however we were feeling at ease with the strict hygiene measures applied. What we liked most is the variety of meat kinds & cuts they had at the live grill. You cannot go wrong with a nice beef fillet, but if you are into more exotic options you can even find kangaroo or deer cuts that seemed to be very popular. And the view over the thermal bath pools is just amazing ☺️.

“Oasis of the valley” or one of the distinctive SPA hotels in Switzerland

Les Bains de Lavey SPA in the eveningLes Bains de Lavey thermal baths stands out among the best SPA hotels of Switzerland. are well located in the valley, so we really enjoyed contemplating the sun rays climbing from behind the mountain in the morning and could stay in the pools till the magic hour of sunset when the whole Lavey valley is set in golden colors.

The river passes just a stone away from the Les Bains de Lavey SPA and you can even hear it gently flowing next to the park. The park itself became our hot spot for a nice afternoon stroll. Actually the Hotel les Bains des Lavey & its SPA’s location is distinctive, in the heart of the valley of Lavey. The surrounding breathtaking mountains hugging it, intensifies the feeling of solitude needed for a relaxing break at one of the remarkable thermal baths in Switzerland.

Practical information:

Les Bains de Lavey can be reached by train in 1h50 min or by car in 1h30 min from Geneva.

Disclaimer: We were invited for our stay at “Les Bains de Lavey”, but this article represents our unbiased opinion and we can undersign sincerely each word and highly recommend the place!

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