In the heart of wellness at “Les Bains de Lavey”

Going for a second date means that the first date was exciting! It means also that this time, one is more relaxed & looking with sharper curiosity and interest…! Our date was at and with  Les Bains de Lavey”. And itwas rich with stories & experiences to share. 

The SPA of “les Bains de Lavey”:  so hot 🔥…so cool 🧖‍♀️

The hot part is not only about the weather but Les Bains de Lavey has literally the warmest thermal water in all of thermal baths Switzerland! Putting it on the list of best spa hotels in Switzerland.

The cool part….That’s not only the fresh mountain breeze of the Lavey valley, but the amazing whirlpools, jacuzzis and massage jets, that are pure relax.

We spent most of the day rotating between the swan-neck jets, the “mushroom” waterfall & the spacious jacuzzis. On top of its relaxing power, the thermal water here helps to treat rheumatic and dermatological pains. The warmth of thermal water soaks you in… and the power of water jets relaxes your muscles…

After (& occasionally before 😉) the outdoor pools we hit the oriental hammam and saunas. What’s distinctive here is the diversity & choice. Different types of steam & relaxing rooms and all very spacious so it doesn’t get crowded & you don’t have to wait at the door blowing out the steam waves! These facilities are what make Bains de Lavey, one of the distinctive thermal baths in Switzerland.

Les Bains de Lavey - thermal baths Les Bains de Lavey - indoor pool

The wellness center of les Bains de Lavey: indulgence from tip to toes!

This was the highlight of our visit this time!  We were sincerely impressed by the wellness center. A benchmark of quality and supremeness! 💆💆‍♀️🧖‍♀️ 

The wellness premises adjacent to the SPA are distinctively designed and every detail is well thought of to give an amazing relaxing feeling. From the beautiful entrance to the high quality wooden massage rooms. To particularly the high end, specialised products used during the treatments. 

Each one of us chose a treatment that we were longing for! I went for the Lomi-Lomi massage. A body treatment that was inspired by Hawaiian rituals & traditions and uses long movements to relax muscle tension. 

That was heavenly!! I haven’t felt that relaxed since BC -i.e Before Covid according to the new world calendar! 😁

Alexandra on the other side, went for the “Soin du visage excellence de Secret” by Sothey’s . She got so relaxed that she had to be waken up when the treatment finished 😁!  She described it as completely dosing off from the world for a while! Calling the treatment “excellence de secret” was spot on! The treatment specialist was a real expert, leveraging her long experience with the high quality ingredients of Sothey’s to perform an unmatchable 8-stage facial treatment.

Can’t describe the ultimate serenity we felt after the revitalising facial and the relaxing massage at the wellness center. Being pampered by the touch of experienced caring hands was a real treatment we longed for! So if you are looking for one of the best SPA hotels in Switzerland add it to your list!

Les Bains de Lavey Les Bains de Lavey

The Grand”iose” Hotel of les Bains de Lavey.

Beyond the thermal baths of Les Bains de Lavey SPA, there is a historic Grand Hotel that’s as welcoming and charming 🏨 ! That’s the hotel of les Bains de LaveyThe suite where we stayed was spacious and had a big terrace that opened on the park and surrounding mountains of the valley. Really a nice space to have a morning coffee ☕️ or a pre-dinner aperitif 🥂 

The surrounding plot is not a garden, but a natural park that runs alongside the roaring river and bordered by the picturesque valley mountains 🏔 🌳🌲. It became the destination of our afternoon strolls. 

The interior of the hotel les Bains de Lavey is cosy and designed to give an extension of the warmth relaxing feeling of the SPA. Yet it kept its iconic historic look from outside and specially the beautiful salle that is now the breakfast area. 

Les Bains de Lavey - view over the park Les Bains de Lavey Grand Hotel

That, Ladies & Gentlemen, was our 2nd date with Les Bains de Lavey!  The distinctive thermal baths Switzerland experience. And that’s getting pampered from “tip to toes”!

Going for a third? 😉

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