Hiking in Switzerland: The uncovered gem of Chamoson trail & wine tasting!

We are in a continuous quest for local gems in Switzerland, especially Swiss hiking trails off the beaten path. Hiking became the most practiced sport this year as people continue favouring outdoors. Our new experience of hiking in Switzerland came with a bonus this time – an amazing wine tasting experience!  The Chamoson – Home of Johannisberg– a distinctive Swiss hiking trail which includes an amazing mix of mountain ascent, vineyards and a stroll through the forest. You’ll be accompanied by a roaring river for part of the trail. Additionally, a wine tasting will be awaiting you at the end of experience to quench the thirst.

hiking in Valais

One of the most diverse hiking in Switzerland trails:

Overall this hiking Valais trail is a bit demanding in effort but easy to follow. Periodically you just need to look for the blue S sign distributed across.

We started the hike in Saint-Pierre-de-Clages village. The cute little village with a 12-century church holds the title of the Suisse Book Village. A title which is given to one villageonly in whole Switzerland! Our guide and host was a member of the tourism office of Chamoson, very knowledgeable about the area. She hared with us many interesting facts that made this Swiss hiking trail super enjoyable.

hiking in Valais

The trail began to take us upward the mountain. As we got higher, the vineyards started forming waves of green across the surrounding nature. The scenery makes the hike along the Petite Arvine vineyards such an enchanting experience.

At every stage of this Valais hike there are benches where you can sit, relax and enjoy a breath taking view of the landscape above Chamoson and its region. We sat sipping a glass of chilled wine and embraced the beauty of the surrounding nature. No wonder the locals called the region “Terroir Vivant” due to its bio diversity of plants and animals. Definitely its one of the most diverse hiking in Switzerland experiences.

Wine tasting and hiking in Switzerland

Best of Hiking in Switzerland: Swiss hiking with wine tasting

By noon, 2 hours after the start, we got to the lunch break spot at a local restaurant «La Préfecture» which was at the peak of our route. A generous and tasty meal, where the owner of the restaurant himself greeted us and shared more stories about the region over coffee.

From there the forest part of the hiking Valais trail starts. No more complains of the heat, as the trees covered us with their shade. We went in a circular downward trail till we eventually reached our wine tasting at “John & Mike Favre” winery. The owners, a very friendly couple, were there to greet us and share with us their wine stories. The wine cellar was founded in 1978 however wine making goes back in the family as far as 1886. The lovely couple manages this gem together and have international experience having lived in the US for 7 years as wine experts. Mike is not only a winemaker but also a professional wine taster and member of the International Wine Tasters Organization. He is also a professional biker. Additionally he owns a great collection of classic bikes, including a rare Swiss Condor of 1972 that he rides  proudly wearing a helmet with the Valais flag!

Wine cellar in Chamoson

The wine tasting bonus to this hiking in Switzerland experience:

We tried the best of the cave, including the renowned “Johannisberg” and “Petite Arvine”. Everything here is of high attention to details including the little bottle labels with illustrations by a local artist.

Mike made us realise that probably the best companion of wine tasting is not charcuterie or bread or even cheese, but the enchanting stories he shared with us from winemaking to bike riding!  In the end it’s these welcoming and friendly people that make those gems pretty special.

hiking in Valais

Our tips for this Swiss hiking experience:

Always check the weather conditions ahead if you plan to go on the Chamoson hiking trail in Valais. You should not attempt to do the hike under heavy rain as the area went through a serious mud flood couple of years ago that can get very dangerous.

The hiking trail is not suited for pushchairs or strollers.

To fully enjoy  this hiking and wine tasting experience and indulge in it, plan the full day from 10 a.m to 5 p.m!

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