A hike in Lavaux vineyards – No Fly, No Cry!

Just Hike It (in Lavaux vineyards)!

With the confinement getting relaxed bit by bit, our minds are getting ahead of our bodies and starting to take us out of home. As the worry won’t fade away immediately, we keep thinking of safe(r) options for getaway plans. No need to search long, spring is here and mother nature is welcoming. What’s better and healthier than a good hike in the green? So we put together a collection of trails that are suitable for everyone. For more encouragement, we are sharing below a wonderful hike we had last year in Lavaux vineyards! Lavaux

Lavaux vineyards charm and history

One of our most pleasant discoveries in Switzerland was Lavaux vineyards area! We used to glance at the stunning view when passing Lausanne by autoroute or by train. We never fully realized how enchanting is Lavaux & Lavaux vineyards. Since the first time, we visited it multiple times in different seasons, latest of which was a Lavaux hike with a visiting friend, last September.  Lavaux vineyards stretch between Lausanne and the Chillon Castle in Montreux. UNESCO has taken this region under its protection since 2007, because of its historic and unique construction. During the 11th century these vast hillsides belonged to Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries. The monks turned the former wooded area into productive vineyards boasting breathtaking vistas. What’s truly impressive is the way these vineyards have been designed and layered into terraces. Like giant steps down hill towards the lake! Our train took us to Cully from which we started a Lavaux hike upward through the vineyards hill towards Riex/ Epesses, in the direction of Grandvaux. The views in this Lavaux hike were simply breathtaking. I was always behind, giving excuses of taking panoramic photos but indeed I was catching my breath behind the faster girls gang! Newsletter - Just Hike It!  

Lavaux wine tasting, of the best Swiss wines

Wherever you go in Switzerland you can witness the trust culture! In couple of places we saw grapes sold with nobody attending, just put the money and take your box! We kept on hiking till we reached a small vineyard with an amazing view! Beauty is in simplicity: we spent 2 hours nibbling on a planche of locally made cheese & charcuterie and tasting the different Lavaux wines they offer. Lavaux vineyards are the homeland of Chasselas, Switzerland’s most consumed wine & the most distinctive of Lavaux wines. The rock slides create a mineral rich environment and unique soil mix that gives the Chasselas a refreshing and crispy flavor. The cheese we had was also from the region, a mix of aged and fresh! If you are a cheese lover, you can check our post about Swiss cheese. Once you try Swiss cheese you understand the efforts the farmers put to bring up those Swiss cows! Still sober from Lavaux wine tasting, we picked ourselves and started heading towards Grandvaux. The vistas there were even more impressive if that’s possible! And to complete our heavenly experience we had a local artisanal ice-cream on the terrace there. For another time hike in Lavaux didn’t fail to impress! A year before that we toured Chexbrex and Espesses and did some Lavaux wine tasting-hopping in Lutry! Highly recommended if you would like to tour the main villages in the Lavaux area.

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