Unique boat tour in Geneva: Go with the wind, on the deck of Floatinn

Geneva & the lake are synonyms, summer & sailing are also synonyms. So what do you get if you combine the four? An unmatchable summer experience! Or at least a refreshing escape from the heat wave!

Sailing on the luxurious catamaran « Floatinn » is different than any Geneva boat tour across Lac Léman (aka Lake Geneva). Definitely, it is one of the best things to do in Geneva. Forget about the traditional Geneva lake boat tours that take you to Nyon or Yvoire which can get very crowded. This catamaran is a personalised, luxurious indulgence & a romantic experience. Sailing this boat is a reflection of lifestyle and not a mere transportation medium. 

Floatinn catamaran - boat tour geneva

The sensorial cruise on this Geneva boat tour

The moment we stepped on the deck, we felt a completely different atmosphere than the normal Geneva lake boat tours. An atmosphere that is chilled but stylish at the same time. We even took off our shoes as the boat’s deck was sparkling clean and bright white. Certainly, the crew takes care of it before every trip!

This boat tour Geneva is an experience that we felt with all our senses. The feeling of wind in our face, the rush of adrenaline as the boat cuts through the waves, the splashes of clean chilled water mixing with the champagne bubbles. 

Sailing in Geneva with Floatinn

Our 3-hour cruise  passed like a dream. As the boat cuts through the water, wonderful views roll by like a surreal movie from both left & right sides. We passed by many of the fantastic landscape of the lake’s Southern tip. Starting from the Jet d’eau to Cologny to even the dramatic Mont-Blanc in the far background. A cruise definitely of the best boat tours in Geneva.

The cherry on the top of this Geneva boat trip is dinner. A table is nicely set in the shaded area of the catamaran and a 4-course meal is served. Everything is home-made: fresh salad, grilled lamb with ratatouille, delicious selection of local cheeses, all from Suisse Romande. Finally, the chocolate fondant dessert was mouthwatering.


cheese at dinner with FloatInn

The beautiful catamaran of the boat tour in Geneva.

This 30 ton boat is impressive by all means. The deck is spacious and can fit a big group of people. The meals are served under a shaded area. 

The catamaran has 5 cabins with a toilet and shower that can accommodate 2 people each. The name of the boat is Juusan, which holds a particular meaning for the owners. What distinguishes this Geneva boat tour, is that you can sleep over and have breakfast on the deck.

This Lake Geneva boat tour is environmentally-friendly. The crew use the catamaran engine only shortly for going out and in of port and then the big sails do most of work during the trip. For those into engineering, the design of the catamaran itself with two “hulls” and a big void in-between, allows the boat to sail faster with less energy due to reduced friction with water. 

boat tour geneva - FloatInn

There are several cruise options you can choose from this Geneva boat trip: a 3-hour lake cruise ( with or without dinner), a full day or weekend cruise. Floatinn also opens for sleeping overnight in the cabins with a tasty  breakfast onboard.

The lovely family of the Geneva lake tour

The catamaran of this Geneva boat trip is run by a lovely family, mainly the father and daughter. They take care of this amazing boat since about 10 years. Jean-Luc, the owner, is the captain. Throughout the trip he shared his extensive experience in sailing and even allowed us to sail the boat ourselves. Certainly  under his close supervision. As they lift up the sails together, both father & daughter explain the role and size of each sail and how to manoeuvre with the wind during this Geneva boat tour.

We had the chance to navigate the boat for a short while. What an experience to be in charge of this beauty and to lead this Geneva boat tour! Sailing a boat that weights 30 tons is nothing like driving a car. You have to practice patience and adjust your reaction time. As a matter of fact, its manoeuvring is much slower, and little wind or waves movement can interfere with the direction. Nevertheless, its one of the best things to do in Geneva!

Sailing this Geneva boat trip means high attention to details but for Jean-Luc’s family this is an integrated part of their preparation. Everything is impeccable : from the amazingly maintained interior and exterior, to even the flower decoration on the dinner table.

The smaller sister boats of this Geneva boat tour.

In addition to the catamaran, Floatinn has two smaller Solar boats that are suitable for a group of maximum 12 people who want to take a Geneva boat trip on their own. The Solar Floatinn as indicated by the name, is powered by solar energy and is very environmentally friendly. It does not need a license to drive. Therefore, it’s accessible to all who can take it for a ride on the lake as a group. It is even suitable for an overnight sleep onboard as it’s quite spacy for a small group or a family. Definitely one of the distinctive things to do in Geneva.

The end

Our experience of sailing in Geneva with Floatinn was as glamorous as a Hollywood movie. We didn’t try to imitate the famous scene of Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet from “Titanic” at the front deck😁. We preferred to live our own memorable experience & to “ Go with the wind”.

boat tour geneva - on the FloatInn deck

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