Embracing authentic mountain living in Flims

Nestled among the majestic landscape of Flims, Switzerland, lies a haven of tranquility: Hotel Adula Flims. Our recent visit to this alpine retreat promised not just a getaway, but an immersion into the essence of slow, authentic mountain living. From serene landscapes to indulgent spa experiences and culinary delights, our journey unfolded as a tapestry of unforgettable moments.

Exploring the Winter Wonderland of Flims

As we arrived in Flims, the landscape seemed as if spring was gently emerging. However, the true magic awaited us the next morning, as we awoke to a world transformed by snow. The pristine white blanket draped over the surroundings evoked a sense of wonder and adventure.

CaumaseeOur exploration took us to the enchanting Caumasee, its natural beauty accentuated by the delicate touch of snow. Standing on the deck, we marveled at how the snow adorned the surrounding pine trees. It casted an ethereal charm over the landscape.

Flimsier GrosswaldThe Flimsier Grosswald Forest, shrouded in white, invited us to wander through its silent embrace. Each step a testament to nature’s tranquility. On the other side, Lake Crestasee, which we visited before the snowfall, offered a serene hike, Its pristine beauty a testament to the timeless allure of Flims.

Immersing in Innovation with the FlemXpress


A highlight of our journey was the exhilarating ride on the FlemXpress, a marvel of modern engineering. With its state-of-the-art gondola lift, we ascended to breathtaking heights, treated to panoramic views of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, Tectonic Arena Sardona. The cable car operates on demand. As simple as ordering an elevator, you press the button of your destination and in a minute a gondola arrives to take you there directly, skipping the other stations.

FlemxpressThe ski slopes of the area were busy with skiers and snowboarders and at Foppa or Startgels there were amazing restaurants to have a meal or just a hot drink.

The innovation of the FlemXpress, coupled with the mesmerizing vistas, made for an unforgettable experience.

An Authentic Retreat at Hotel Adula Flims

Adula Hotel FlimsUpon our arrival at Hotel Adula Flims, we were greeted by a sense of warmth and hospitality. Our spacious room, adorned with Swiss mountain charm, offered a cozy sanctuary amidst the winter landscape. The snowfall transformed the windows of our balcony into a winter postcard. We enjoyed sipping coffee and catching up on leisurely reading on its deck.

Adula Hotel FlimsThe hotel proximity to town and convenient shuttle service ensured that exploration was effortless, whether venturing into the mountains or simply strolling through the charming streets of Flims. The stunning Caumasee was literally a short walk away.

Indulging in Tranquility at La Mira Spa

La Mira SPA

La Mira SPA

Our retreat would not have been complete without indulging in the tranquility of La Mira Spa. From the moment we stepped inside, we were enveloped in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. The indoor pool, sauna, and steam rooms provided a sanctuary from the weather. While the outdoor whirlpool, surrounded by snow, offered a truly immersive experience. Our massages and facial treatments were nothing short of heavenly, melting away tension and restoring balance to both body and mind.

Culinary Delights at La Muña and Adula Kitchen & Bar

La Muña, Adula Hotel Flims

La Muña, Adula Hotel FlimsDining at Hotel Adula Flims was a culinary journey in itself. At La Muña, we were treated to a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavors, each dish a masterpiece of taste and presentation. From tantalizing ceviches to savory tempura, every bite was a symphony of flavors. The peanut ganache and chocolate foam with wasabi ice cream desserts are to die for. The restaurant is set next to a majestic fireplace which added romantic charm to the dinning experience.

Adula Kitchen & Bar

Adula Kitchen & BarAdula Kitchen and Bar, the other hotel restaurant,  offered a cozy retreat, where classic dishes and beautiful window views set the stage for memorable experience.

Additionally, The hotel had also a distinctive bar that’s ideal for a before or after meal drinks. The DJ on weekends added vibrant vibes to the bar and lobby atmosphere.

Savoring Breakfast with Snowy Vistas

Breakfast at Adula HotelEach morning we awoke to the promise of a new adventure greeted by the snowy vistas that framed Hotel Adula Flims. Breakfast served against this breathtaking backdrop, was a feast for the senses. The buffet, brimming with cold cuts, cheeses, and freshly baked pastries, provided the perfect start to our day of exploration and relaxation.

Embracing Winter Fun in the Hotel Garden

Adula Hotel Flims

Adula Hotel FlimsThe hotel snow-covered garden became our playground, a whimsical landscape where laughter and joy abounded. Amidst snowmen and snowball fights, we reveled in the simple pleasures of winter. Each moment a reminder of the magic that Flims had to offer.

Adula Hotel Flims

In embracing the essence of slow authentic mountain living, our stay at Hotel Adula Flims left an indelible mark on our hearts. We discovered a sanctuary of solace and renewal amidst the splendor of the Swiss Alps. Eventually as we bid farewell to this alpine paradise, we carried with us not just memories, but a newfound appreciation for the beauty of simplicity and the tranquility of nature’s embrace.

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