Discovering Zurich’s Hidden Gems at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy

Imagine opening your window to a view of Zurich’s shimmering rooftops, the historic towers of the city within an arm’s reach. As you sip your morning coffee, the gentle hum of the city below attracts your ears. Step outside, and you’re immediately immersed in the vibrant buzz of Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s most luxurious shopping street. Welcome to Zurich, one of the world’s most opulent cities and Switzerland’s financial capital. Let’s dive deeper—we’re staying at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, right in the heart of it all. 

Our Luxurious Room

Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich Suite

Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich SuiteFor a long weekend, we chose the newly reborn Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich. From the moment we stepped into our suite, the “Zurich Suite,” we were enveloped in elegance and comfort. The suite featured a large bedroom with a window that framed a view of the city’s architecture. The living area was a perfect blend of luxury and functionality, complete with a salon and dining table. The suite also had a spacious dressing room that seamlessly connected the different areas. The highlight was the marble bathroom, where we indulged in long, relaxing baths after a day of exploring. Every detail of the suite spoke of refined taste and comfort, making it a haven of tranquility in the bustling city.

Fine Dining Delights


OrsiniOne of the most unforgettable aspects of our stay was the exquisite dining at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich. Our culinary journey began with lunch at Orsini, an Italian fine dining restaurant nestled within the historic hotel building. Supervised by the renowned 2 Michelin star chef Antonio Guida, each dish was a masterpiece. We started with artichoke and scallops, both bursting with flavor and beautifully presented. For the main course, the raspberry risotto and beef entrecôte with pistachio and fennel were creative and delicious takes on classic dishes. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance and distinctive porcelain added to the overall dining experience, making it truly memorable.

Savoy Brasserie & Bar

Savoy Brasserie & BarThe Savoy Brasserie & Bar offered a delightful fusion of classic French-inspired cuisine in a timeless chic setting. The beef tartare and Zurich-style veal with rösti were standout dishes that we thoroughly enjoyed. For fish lovers, the monkfish was a delightful choice, while the white asparagus with hollandaise sauce was a must-try for vegetarians. The Brasserie Bar’s signature cocktails were the perfect accompaniment to our meals, adding an extra layer of indulgence to our dining experience.

Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich breakfast

Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich breakfastBreakfast at the Brasserie was a feast for the senses. The buffet featured an array of premium cheeses, cold cuts, salmon, fresh fruits, and muesli, catering to both indulgent and health-conscious guests. The highlight was undoubtedly the eggs à la carte, which we savored each morning. The variety and quality of the breakfast offerings set the perfect tone for our day.

The Lounge and Rooftop

Mandarin Oriental Lounge - Afternoon Tea

Mandarin Oriental LoungeAfter a day of exploring Zurich and indulging in some retail therapy, we found solace in the Mandarin Oriental lounge. This elegant space was the perfect spot for an afternoon tea break. A variety of cakes and desserts were beautifully presented on a trolley, tempting us with their delicious aromas. The tea menu featured intriguing variations that we eagerly sampled, each cup offering a unique and delightful experience. The lounge also allowed us to order cocktails from the neighboring bar, adding a touch of sophistication to our tea break.

Rooftop view Zurich

Rooftop ZurichOne of the hotel’s gems is its wonderful rooftop bar, offering stunning views over Zurich. Unfortunately, the weather during our stay was mostly rainy, limiting our rooftop visits. However, we managed to catch a clear morning and were treated to a breathtaking panorama of the city. Even with the limited access, the views from the rooftop were one of the highlights of our stay. We also enjoyed cocktails at the Brasserie bar, which were expertly crafted and delightful.

Exceptional Concierge Service

The service at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy was exceptional, and the concierge service stood out in particular. The knowledgeable team made our stay even more special. They provided invaluable tips and recommendations on what to see and do in Zurich, ensuring we made the most of our time in the city. Their personalized service and attention to detail made us feel truly pampered and well-cared for throughout our stay.

Exploring Zurich’s History

Zurich City tour - hidden gemsTo delve deeper into Zurich’s rich history, we embarked on a guided city tour. Our knowledgeable guide led us to the city’s most important historic landmarks, sharing fascinating stories and insights along the way. Two highlights of the tour were the hidden cellars and the influence of women in Zurich’s history.

At Lindenhof hill, we were treated to stunning views over the river and lake. Beneath the hill lies a cellar with Roman ruins, a hidden gem,  This discovery was both surprising and enlightening, adding a unique layer to our understanding of Zurich’s history. The Lindenhof cellar is one of 11 scattered underneath the city. The marvellous discover was the keys to these cellars are freely accessible with just an ID deposit.

Grosser Munster ZurichWe also learned about the significant role women played in Zurich’s history. The Kirche Fraumünster, the first monastery with nuns, was a center of power where the principal nun appointed the mayor and controlled the town’s markets. This insight into the city’s past was both inspiring and informative. Another fascinating fact was that during special events, the main fountain in the Münsterhof plaza can turn into a wine tap, offering a unique and festive experience.

Watchmaking Experience

Watching making Zurich

Watching making ZurichOur stay in Zurich was enriched with a watchmaking session at Maurice de Mauriac, the only Swiss watch brand from Zurich. This family-owned business is renowned for its highly customizable watches, tailored to each client’s taste. We received a brief introduction to watchmaking and the history of Maurice de Mauriac before trying our hand at assembling a watch. This hands-on experience was both educational and enjoyable, giving us a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and dedication behind Swiss watchmaking.

Shopping in Zurich

Bahnhofstrasse ZurichA visit to Zurich wouldn’t be complete without a stroll down Bahnhofstrasse, the city’s most luxurious shopping street. This iconic street stretches from the main train station to the lake, lined with flagship stores of top luxury brands. We marveled at the opulent window displays and indulged in some high-end shopping. It was fascinating to learn that Bahnhofstrasse was once a water canal and its paradeplatz had a history as a pig market. This transformation from humble beginnings to a symbol of luxury was truly astonishing.

A Distinctive Experience

Mandarin Oriental Savoy ZurichAlthough it wasn’t our first time in Zurich, this visit was unique and unforgettable. We delved into the city’s history, uncovered hidden gems, and immersed ourselves in local culture. Our biggest takeaway was the importance of interacting deeply with locals, staying in the heart of the city, and living its history. This is exactly what we experienced at the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, making our stay in Zurich truly distinctive and memorable.

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