Davos beyond the World Economic Forum!

Since the founding of the World Economic Forum (WEF) by Professor Klaus Schwab, Davos and WEF became synonyms! “ Going to Davos” meant attending the World Economic Forum! As much as that brought highlight to this small city, it also overshadowed what Davos and its region have to offer.

Actually the main reason that Prof. Schwab chose this Swiss city as host for WEF, was for its peacefulness. The objective was to get the business & later political leaders attending the World Economic Forum, away from the daily challenges and distractions and get new perspectives to solve conflicts.

SertigSo if you were not invited to attend the World Economic Forum, which can cost you an arm and a leg (about 52,000 USD for annual membership in additional to about 20,000 for invitation), don’t worry. We have a much better plan for you that can make you enjoy the distinctive Davos/Klosters region and its gems. Exploring the region’s experiences and destination were made possible by our host Precise Tale Seehof Davos Hotel,  who believed in our theme to “Go For Experiences”.

From High Promenade to Davos Lake

Lets start with a stunning fact. Davos is the highest city in Europe! With this title you can start to imagine what can Davos offer. The high promenade is a hiking trail from which you can see all Davos, from left & right. It stretches for kilometres, like a very long balcony with an amazing view. It’s such an easy hike, even with children. The view is not the only reward you will get. While strolling you will hear the roaring water and will discover a mini waterfall that flows into the river passing through the town.

Davos LakeIf you continue walking left you can reach Davos lake, a small, but natural and distinctive mountain lake. It was still mostly frozen during our visit.  It looked like an artist painting in the making. Such an amazing view to see: the white frozen layer bordering the bluish lake water, which had batches of greenish reflection of the surrounding mountains.

Precise Tale Seehof Davos, the Luxury hotel & ski resort of the region

Precie Tale Seehof Davos The charm of Precise Tale Seehof Davos stems from its 150 years history. The architecture is very distinctive and well preserved as per its original. Its beautiful cute balconies, especially the ones facing the historic church gives its a romantic feel. The interior is recently renovated and elegantly designed. There is a nice feeling of cosiness and warmth as you relax in the spacious lounge. The vibes come from a modern fireplace that centres the lounge. The rooms of Precise Tale Seehof Davos  are very spacious, which is distinctive for a mountain ski resort. We stayed in a big suite that had nice light wooden interior. It was very comfortable with 2 rooms, a living room and an open kitchen. Very convenient if you are travelling with family.

Precise Tale SeeHof DavosOne of the hotel’s most convenient features is its location. Steps away from the train station and from the Parsenn cable car that takes to the ski resort slopes of the Davos.

Go for experiences & for fondue under the snow!

Fondue in snow Davos What we loved also about the Precise tale Seehof Davos is that they fully embraced our love for experiences. They offer a shuttle bus to drop clients which was transporting us occasionally. They enabled us to visit locations that are very distinctive and gems that are off the beaten route.

Sertig Valley was one of these gems. Such a beautiful sight of the valley covered by snow even to the banks of the river that splits the valley. The road to Sertig was full of breathtaking scenery, especially with the scattered traditional wood & stone houses, that appeared like mushrooms on a field.

Fondue in snowThe trip to Teufi valley, another gem of  Davos region, was even more distinctive. Since a while we had on our bucket list to have a cheese fondue in the nature. This time our hosts helped us make it happen! The moment we set up the fondue, next to the river, and started swirling the cheese, the moment it started snowing heavily! It was the most delicious fondue we ever had! Can’t tell you if its because of the scenery and setup or because of the local cheese mix itself! Or maybe both! We spent two crazy hours under the snow and didn’t believe the way we finally managed to fulfil this long waited experience!

Après-experiences at Precise Tale Seehof Davos SPA

Spa at Precise Tale SeeHof DavosBack to the hotel, we deserved a long chill in the hotel Spa, Bella Vita. The hotel SPA has a grand indoor jacuzzi, one big Finnish sauna and another bio sauna. A steam bath and a big relaxation zone with a fire place, a gym and many other facilitities. What’s distinctive about the hotel SPA is its innovative treatments. We tried the Zero Gravity Gong treatment, which is a sound and vibration treatment that relaxes the body and mind. We were suspended in the air in a swing like cocoon. Meanwhile the gong drums are played live creating a series of synchronic sounds that provides physical and mental relaxation. Such an experience!

Davos & Schatzalp the health resort

Schatzalp funicularTalking about wellness and relaxation, one of the gems of Davos is Schatzalp. From the center of Davos you can take the funicular up to the top of the mountain. The journey in the funicular is as stunning as the destination. It takes you through the mountain forest and on a snowy day it’s such a beautiful scene. Before being known as the host of the World Economic Forum, Davos was admired for its healthy atmosphere and for its high quality of air. That’s why in 1900 a luxury Sanatorium was build at Schatzalp in an art nouveau style. The building was later converted into a hotel but kept its style and architecture. It was also the the setting for Thomas Mann’s novel “The Magic mountain”. The Terrace at Schatzalp gives a stunning view above Davos and the surrounding Swiss Alps. In winter you can enjoy the “Snow Beach” and in summer there is a Toboggan just 50 meters above.

Swiss Gourmet at Precise Tale Seehof

Enjoying quality air and healthy atmosphere stimulates the appetite! And our appetite was always On! The hotel has 3 restaurants: Panorama, Davos Chesa & Seehof Fondu Stübli.

Chesa restaurant at Precise Tale Seehof DavosPanorama  as the name indicates has a beautiful view all the way to the wildly-romantic Dischma Valley of Davos. It has set menu with French, Italian and local dishes.  It is also where the rich breakfast is served, so you get to start the day with a delicious breakfast and great view. Chesa is our favourite, elegant, cosy and very romantic.The menu is Swiss inspired with many traditional dishes from across the Swiss regions, represented in a creative way. The beef Tartare is excellent, the Zurich Veal with Rösti was amazing. But the capuns(a traditional food from Graübunden) was unmatchable!

Dessert at ChesaStübli, the third hotel Restaurant,  has cheese fondue and meat fondue and it’s located in one of the historic stunning salles of the hotel. The Truffle fondue is amazing, and the cheese mix comes from the local dairy.

Both Chesa & Stübli opens to the beautiful terrace that becomes a crowded destination in the sunny weather.

The Lounge fire place was our destination to start and to end the evenings. Sipping on some classic cocktails prepared by the hotel’s elegant Lobby Bar.

Breakfast on balcony and bucket list

Breakfast at Precise Tale SeeHof DavosAs it was the last days of winter & beginning of Spring, we enjoyed some heavy snowy stretches as well as long batches of sun. On the morning of our departure, the sun insisted on farewelling us. We had a beautiful hearty breakfast on the balcony. Enjoying the scene of the waves of skiers walking by the hotel and carrying their arms(skis) to the ski resorts, while we were sipping coffee. Too lazy, right? Not really, we felt we deserved a relaxing pause as we ticked off some top experiences from our bucket list. However, without realisation, we started adding new experiences from Davos on our bucket list for next time!

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