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We are Bilal & Alexandra, a couple who loves experiences and collecting memories. We toured a lot around Switzerland, where we live and we keep on exploring this amazing country’s hidden and known gems.

Is Switzerland about chocolate or cheese? Watches or knifes? Mountains or lakes? Switzerland is about all these and much more!

Switzerland is a wonderful country to live or to visit. It offers great variety of breathtaking landscapes and unmatched activities. From hiking through gorgeous mountains to wake-boarding on mesmerising lakes, and from chocolate tasting to watchmaking!

We have created this blog, where we are sharing our impressions and recommendations. We are always there to give you any advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have compiled our list of the must-have Swiss experiences from different locations and specialities so you can enjoy them as well.

You can also visit our Instagram & Facebook and enjoy the breathtaking gallery of Swiss experiences.

Don’t hesitate! Go for it! Experience Switzerland and embark on this journey with us!


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Bilal & Alexandra