A weekend in Brienz between the lake and Giessbach waterfall

Water is life! Water is love?!

Weekend in Brienz A wedding at Lake Brienz, underneath the Giessbach waterfall! Crashing into a wedding in hiking outfit was the last thing we expected when going to Giessbach waterfall! Just between Lake Brienz and the waterfall we were on the terrace of “Grand Hotel Giessbach”, mesmerized by the turquoise-like waters of the lake, when we were asked to take a group photo of the Bride and Groom and the invitees. Don’t know if our outfits indicated that but they might have thought we are the photographers! Soon we found ourselves chit-chatting with the fancy dressed ladies and gentlemen about the beauty of Lake Brienz and Giessbach waterfall! Grand hotel Things to do in Brienz? Visit the Giessbach waterfall! The hotel staff are used to “intruders” as the Giessbach waterfall is just steps away. What distinguishes the Giessbach waterfall is not only its natural cascading path within the green surrounding but that you can walk and stand just behind it and look through the water curtain! The view is simply amazing, the Grand hotel, Lake Brienz and the mountains backdrop. Actually to reach the falls,  you can come by car to a nearby parking, and have a short walk downwards. Or you can take a short ferry boat from Brienz, then catch a short funicular up to the Grandhotel Giessbach, where you have a full view of the falls. You can also do some Brienz hiking as many trails lead to the Giessbach waterfalls. Things to do in Brienz? Tour Iselwald! Lake Brienz is the twin lake of Thun, on the other side of Interlaken (which translates to “Between the lakes”). Both twin lakes are as beautiful but if you get lost between them, Lake Brienz is the one with a “beauty freckle” on it, called Iselwald! Iseltwald is really the pearl of Lake Brienz. With about 420 inhabitants, this pretty fishing village is one of the small communities in the canton of Bern and the one that homes its only island! It’s as stunning from far, as diverse from close by. From the idyllic fishing bay to the highest mountain peaks with breathtaking views, to a short Brienz hiking trial, you will find everything to enjoy in few square meters! Weekend in Brienz Things to do around Brienz? Hike to Bachalpsee: Lake Brienz was not the only lake that stunned us during that long weekend in the region. The day before the wedding invasion, we headed to Lake Bachalpsee. This “blue jewel”  travels around the world as a  breathtaking postcard. Yet no photo is able to capture the radiance and Aura of this beauty! Best is to see it for yourself. That doesn’t require much effort. Lake Bachalpsee can be reached from “First” on foot in less than an hour hike, one of best Brienz hiking list. On the way, we were lucky to meet some of the local cows, quite disciplined and well mannered as they walk in a straight side line allowing hikers to pass by and they even don’t mind taking a few photos with them! Cows at Bachalpsee Going higher up? First Cliff Walk by Tissot! At First (the location I mean 😊), you will be seduced to pump your Adrenaline. Head to the ‘First Cliff Walk by Tissot’ located near Grindelwald. The First Cliff Walk by Tissot (better say the air walk) takes you along a narrow, cliffside platform, thousands of meters above the valleys and pastures below. With sufficient courage we reached the end of the platform to the observation point of the First Cliff Walk by Tissot. From there you can wonder at the incredibly sheer slopes of the Eiger and the surrounding scenery. Tip: More things to do in Brienz? When you are in the region you should definitely try the local pastry with tons of crushed nuts. It’s the region’s speciality. We stopped at a bakery near our accommodation and had a tasty morning breakfast to die for!

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