A Blissful Winter Farewell: The Grande Finale at Villars Alpine Resort

Settled among the snow-kissed peaks of the Swiss Alps, rests the village of Villars-sur-Ollon and the Villars Alpine Resort; a haven of tranquility and adventure. As winter’s final curtain draws near, we embarked on a journey to bid adieu to the season in style, immersing ourselves in the charms of Villars. Our long weekend promised a blend of exhilarating experiences and luxurious indulgence. Notably, our accommodations at the renowned Villars Palace and Victoria Hotel & Residence, set the stage for an unforgettable escape.

Peak Adventure at Glacier 3000

Peak Walk by Tissot - Glacier 3000, Les DiableretsOur journey commenced with an exhilarating expedition to Glacier 3000. An iconic wonderland that left us in awe of nature’s majesty. The highlight of our adventure was undoubtedly the unique Peak Walk by Tissot. A mesmerizing one of a kind suspension bridge connecting two towering peaks. The bridge is a feat of engineering and a testament to human ingenuity. As we traversed this marvel, with the crisp mountain air filling our lungs, we felt a sense of elation unlike any other.

Glacier 3000, Les DiableretsThe glacier also treated us to the enchanting Glacier Walk and a playful fun park, where laughter echoed against the snowy landscape. En route back, we passed by the center of Les Diablerets region, a charming mountain village steeped in alpine allure. We enjoyed a quick break before heading back to Villars.

Cozy Retreat at Victoria Hotel & Residence

Victoria Hotel & Residence, Villars Alpine ResortOur first night unfolded in the embrace of the Victoria Hotel & Residence, a cozy sanctuary amidst the Alpine splendour. From the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality, and enveloped by the hotel’s charming ambiance. The allure of relaxation beckoned us to indulge in the hotel’s spa facilities. The hotel lobby and bar had a cosy atmosphere to enjoy afternoon sunsets.

Peppino, Villars Alpine ResortThe hotel hosts “Peppino”, a cosy Italian restaurant. With its authentic cuisine and delectable pizzas, “Peppino” provided the perfect culinary escapade after a day of adventure. 

Slopes at Col de Bretaye and Ice-skating

Slopes at Col de Bretaye, Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets ski resort

Col de BretayeThe dawn of our second day saw us venturing onto the slopes of Col de Bretaye. A scenic playground for winter enthusiasts. The journey aboard the picturesque train was a visual feast, as we marvelled at the snow-cloaked landscape unfolding before our eyes. What set Col de Bretaye apart was its inclusive spirit. It embraced facilities for handicapped skiing, showcasing the resort’s commitment to accessibility. As we descended the slopes, the sight of chalets dotted the landscape, evoked a sense of alpine charm. 

Ice-skating in VillarsIn the afternoon, as we got back to Villars, we traded skis for ice skates. We hit  the rink at the Centre des Sports de Villars, attempting to glide gracefully on the ice. Quickly we realised our ice-skating limitations, and hit the benches. We marveled at the skill of young performers practicing artistic routines, while we embraced the joy of the atmosphere. 

Luxurious Embrace at Villars Palace

Villars Palace, lobby

Villars Palace, lobbyOur journey reached its pinnacle as we checked into the illustrious Villars Palace. A veritable palace of luxury and refinement. Stepping into the grand lobby, adorned with elegant furnishings and bathed in soft light from the ceiling high arched windows, we were transported to a world of opulence. The crafted fireplace was a central piece of elegance and warmth. The lobby beckoned with its spacious layout and panoramic terrace. When we stepped out to the terrace we were enchanted by the vistas of the surrounding mountains endorsed in the warm hues of sunset. The lobby is also connected to an amazing bar and lounge area which becomes a social hub in the afternoons and evening after the slopes.

Suite at Villars PalaceOur suite offered a sanctuary of space and serenity, complete with a balcony boasting stunning views of Villars and surrounding mountains. It was our place to indulge in a glass of champagne, as we glazed over the wonderful landscapes of Villars. 

Indulgence at the Villars Palace SPA

SPA at Villars PalaceAt Villars Palace every moment was a celebration of indulgence and relaxation, nowhere more so than at the SPA. We immersed ourselves in the soothing waters of the heated outdoor pool, surrounded by the snow-capped peaks circling Villars. Smoothly we felt a sense of tranquility wash over us. The hammam and saunas offered respite from the cold. While the relaxation area provided a haven for quiet contemplation. The SPA has also a state of art gym complemented with beautiful views while working out. With separate treatment areas offering a range of massages and therapies, we emerged from the SPA feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Fully ready to embrace the day ahead.

Culinary Delights at 1913 Restaurant

1913 Restaurant, Villars Palace

1913 Restaurant, Villars PalaceOur culinary journey peaked at the esteemed 1913 Restaurant, where each dish was a masterpiece of flavor and presentation. From the Sicilian prawn carpaccio to the succulent meat dishes, every bite tickled our taste buds. The hotel restaurant is adorned with 16 points Gault & Millau reflecting its refined yet authentic cuisine. 

The open kitchen added a touch of excitement to our dining experience. We marvelled, while watching the chefs work their magic with precision and skill. However, it was the romantic ambiance of the restaurant that truly stole our hearts, with its intimate setting and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The Lodge, Villars Alpine ResortTo indulge further in the culinary traditions of the region, we also dined another night at the Villars Lodge. Adjacent to the hotel, the Villars Lodge offered a taste of Swiss cuisine. With its open bar setting and hearty Alpine fare, it was a true delight for the senses. The Lodge restaurant offers fondue, raclette, röstti and other Swiss traditional dishes. 

Art and Ambiance

Art at Villars PalaceThroughout our stay at Villars Palace we were surrounded by a sense of elegance and sophistication, reflected in the hotel’s emphasis on art. From the exquisite paintings adorning the walls to the captivating photographs on display. Every corner of the hotel spoke of creativity and inspiration. The currently hosted art exhibition added a cultural dimension to our stay, inviting us to explore the world of contemporary art in all its forms.

For younger guests, the hotel’s playroom offered a haven of entertainment, with toys and games to spark the imagination and create lasting memories.

Bains de Villars, an Oasis of Relaxation and Fun

Bains de VillarsOur journey included a visit to Bains de Villars, a sprawling complex offering a plethora of leisure and wellness amenities. From the indoor pool filled with fun floaters to the outdoor whirlpool overlooking the mountains, every corner of Bains de Villars promised fun and rejuvenation. The complex also offers a restaurant and terrace with beautiful views. 

Royal Breakfasts in Salle and on Balcony 

BreakfastMornings at Villars Palace began with a feast fit for royalty, with breakfast served in the stunning historic hall or on our suite’s balcony overlooking the mountains. The buffet spread was an array of delights, from premium cold cuts and cheeses to indulgent treats like caviar. There is also an egg station where you can ask for any eggs indulgence, the Eggs Benedict is just amazing. The chocolate fountain on Sundays added a touch of whimsy to the breakfast experience, as we indulged in decadent delights while surrounded by the hotel’s timeless elegance. 

Room service breakfastFor our last morning we pampered our selves with a sumptuous breakfast on the suite’s balcony. The hotel offers multiple menus from the continental one to the palace special one. It was so stunning to enjoy a delicious breakfast while being appetite with the views of Villars. 

Villars viewsAs we bid farewell to Villars, we carried with us a spectrum of a winter memories filled with adventure, relaxation, and the unparalleled hospitality of Villars Alpine Resort. The grande finale of this winter season was nothing short of being spectacular. Perhaps the most memorable way to turn the curtain on an amazing winter! Adieu! 

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