Enjoy Arosa: from the luxury of Arosa Kulm Hotel to the amazing Eichhörnliweg

Although famous for being a posh winter resort, Arosa Switzerland has an equally beautiful summer outfit. It might be less known, but as equally enchanting. In every direction we went in Arosa, we found a magnificent peak to reach, a breathtaking mountain lake to contemplate on, cute animals to observe or feed, and intriguing trails to hike! We stayed at Arosa Kulm Hotel, considered one of the best spa hotels in Switzerland.

Sports in Arosa Switzerland: hiking & biking

Our first discovery was Schwellisee! This beautiful mountain lake in the Arosa Alps stunned us with its turquoise water 😍. The intense clouds on that day gave such an amazing reflection on the water. As iff a giant hand drew the surrounding mountains with water colors on its surface 🎨.

Schwellisee in Arosa

Schwellisee is easily reached on foot in about 1/2 hour from Hörnli valley station or 1 hour from Arosa center. The path took us through the green hills and the sound of multiple streams and ringing cow bells. You don’t notice how gradually you reach the height of 1933 m! There you can do an around-the-lake hike or continue to Älplisee, another beautiful mountain lake of Arosa Switzerland.

When you visit, have sufficient time on your hands to relax on the multiple benches distributed around, absorb the mesmerising surroundings and make friends with the cows wondering around or simply read a book.

The best way to discover Arosa, is to have the Arosa Card which gives access to many activities and mountain railways in addition to city transport. We got it as part of our stay at Arosa Kulm hotel, and hotels offer it as part of the stay.

On a  beautiful sunny day, we had a trip to Hörnli. The ride in the cable car is very exciting and when you reach the top you have a magnificent view over the surrounding mountains and valley. Many (professional) bikers start their ride from the peak downward the Hörnli trail.  At the top is the Hörnlihütte restaurant and coffee shop, which is equipped with chaise longues. You can lay back and wonder over such beautiful nature around.

Hörnli top station

Fluffy animals: cuteness overload from Eichhörnliweg Arosa to Arosa Bear Sanctuary

We had a lot of fun watching the bears at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary and how they behave in the wild! These are rescued bears from circuses. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is equipped with wooden bridges hanging from high. It that allow you to enjoy the observation from a safety distance. To get to Arosa Bear Sanctuary, you’d need to take the Weisshorn Bahn, which continues up to the peak of Weisshorn, were the views are breathtaking ❤️

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Another not-to-miss activity  is feeding the fast and cute squirrels at the «Eichhörnliweg Arosa» or the so called “Squirrel Path”. Eichhörnliweg Arosa  is a an easy to reach path within the forest overlooking ArosaVisiting the  Eichhörnliweg Arosa is a simple but amazing experiencespecially when you travel with kids. Take some nuts with you and soon as the cuties hear the cracking of the nuts they will run to you. In minutes you will have several flurry friends eating from your hands 😍.

Squirrel Path in Arosa

Luxury: relax & recharge at Arosa Kulm Hotel

Exploring Arosa was quite fun and enchanting. But the central piece was our stay at Arosa Kulm Hotel that hosted us and enhanced our whole experience! Arosa Kulm Hotel is considered one of the best spa hotels in Switzerland.

Arosa Kulm Hotel

We were continuously in a dilemma whether to go out explore or stay comfortably indoors 😁

So we let the weather decide and tried to make the best out of both!

The view from the balcony of  is out of this world, with the surrounding Arosa Alps almost at the reach of your hand.

The Alpin SPA  of Arosa Kulm Hotel is a piece of art, a pleasure to the eyes as much as a treat to the body! It’s like discovering the magical sweet spot between the outdoor and the indoor. Between the view and the indulgence, between re-energizing and relaxing 🤩

Alpin Spa Alpin Spa outdoors

Beautifully designed with its high glass windows, you feel you have both… the SPA in the Alps 🏔 and the Alps in the SPA 🧖‍♀️🧖 . You cannot tell with precision the end line of the SPA and the starting point of the mountains. It was the ideal way to recharge the body as we always try to fit as many experiences & activities on our list as (not )possible.

To put it in a single word it was CHARMING🤩!

Being foodies, we always have an emphases on the culinary, and we had the option to choose between two restaurants at Arosa Kulm hotel. Both were mouth watering! In the Italian “Taverna” you have the typical choice of pizzas and pastas, but also different meat cuts on the hot stone! The “Muntanella” took it a higher level in culinary experience! The poached bio egg from Peist appetiser, the Brüggli trout was impeccable, and the chocolate fondant was to die for. A feat to the eyes as you see the hot chocolate poured in front of you.

Cuisine of Arosa Kulm Hotel

The views? The hikes? the friendly animals? The SPA? The culinary delights?

All of the above!

Arosa Switzerland…Literally a stay that took our breath away!

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