2023 Guide to Christmas Gifts from Switzerland

Let the most exciting search for gifts of the year start! It’s Christmas in few weeks, and in no time we will start scrolling the web and roaming the shops to find the best gifts for our loved ones!

To help you in this engaging search, we put a list of products and experiences that we hope you can consider for your Christmas gifts from Switzerland list 2023 to your family and friends.

We have personally tried all of these products and experiences, enjoyed them and highly recommend each one of them!

Mon Bô Sapin: Crafted Elegance in Wooden Christmas Trees

Mon Bô SapinThis year we decided to break away from the traditional green PVC or the Polyethylene artificial tree. We won’t go  with the natural tree neither not to have it thrown away when Christmas ends! Our choice is to go with a distinctive wooden long-lasting tree! We discovered « Mon Bô Sapin »! Mon Bô Sapin introduces a touch of festive charm with its meticulously crafted wooden Christmas trees.

2023 Christmas Gifts from Switzerland - Mon Bo SapinThis artful creation captures the essence of a Swiss Christmas, bringing the enchanting scents of Alpine forests into homes. Each wooden tree fully made of Swiss wood, is a symbol of timeless elegance! It adds a touch of warmth and nostalgia to holiday decorations. Gift Mon Bô Sapin to your home or to someone who appreciates the unique beauty of handcrafted wooden decor, allowing them to infuse their festive celebrations with the spirit of Switzerland.

Chocolarium: A Symphony of Swiss Chocolate Excellence

Maestrani chocolateWhen it comes to Swiss gifts, chocolate might come first on the list! But how about adding a spin to the gift and make it a full emerging experience? Our suggestion would be to gift your loved ones a visit to the engaging Chocolarium, also known as the happiness factory of Munz and Minor!😊 There you and your family & friends, can embark on a delectable journey into the heart of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship.

2023 Christmas gifts from Switzerland - Maestrani chocolariumLocated in the picturesque Swiss town of Flawil, this enchanting chocolate haven immerses visitors in the art of chocolate-making. From the intoxicating aroma of cocoa to the mesmerising production process, every step is a celebration of quality and tradition. A tour of Chocolarium is not just a treat for the taste buds, it’s a sensorial experience that unveils the secrets behind Switzerland’s world-renowned chocolate. For the chocolate connoisseurs on your gift list, consider a box of Maestrani’s finest creations – a sweet treat that encapsulates the essence of Swiss chocolate excellence. 

Appenzeller: Unveiling Alpine Culinary Artistry

2023 Christmas gifts from Switzerland - Appenzeller fondue setFondue or raclette? Moitié-moitié or flavoured? The question seems to be never solved, although we believe the best answer would be both options! Whether this or that, the best experience comes with the right equipment!

2023 Christmas gifts from Switzerland - Appenzeller raclette setFor those who relish the art of Swiss culinary traditions, you should delve into the world of « Appenzeller » not just through cheese but also the essentials that elevate fondue and raclette experiences. Appenzeller utensils, crafted with precision and authenticity, bring Alpine culinary artistry to life. From intricately designed fondue pots to specialized raclette scrapers, they embody the rich heritage of Swiss mountain dining. Gift an Appenzeller fondue or raclette set to a culinary enthusiast, and let them embark on a journey that fuses tradition with functionality, enhancing their fondue and raclette moments with a touch of Alpine elegance.

Le T: Savoring Swiss Serenity in Every Sip

2023 Christmas gifts from Switzerland - Le TWe are split in the family between tea and coffee lovers. But this gift shifts the balance in favour of tea lovers. « Le T » is a distinguished Swiss tea brand that encapsulates the essence of Swiss refinement. It is specialized in premium teas and reviving tea moments that will make you a core T-lover.

Le TInspired from the picturesque landscapes, Le T offers a selection of meticulously crafted teas that harmonize tradition with contemporary tastes. Each brew is a sensory journey, allowing you to savor the serene beauty of Switzerland in every delightful sip. Gift a collection of « Le T » teas this Christmas, and share the meditative experience of Swiss serenity with your loved ones. Le T also has a wonderful collection of tea pots, cups and accessories. These can make it a very premium and full rounded Swiss gift for Christmas.

Kurts: Elevating Swiss Craftsmanship Online

Kurts - Edelweiss apronWe do most of our Christmas gifts searching online, and that’s how we got to know about « Kurts »! Kurts is a premier online retailer specializing in Swiss crafts products, and offers a curated selection of artisanal creations that redefine the online shopping experience. From handcrafted children toys to authentic knives, and artisanal wood crafts – every product at Kurts is made in Switzerland!

2023 Guide to Christmas Gifts from SwitzerlandKurts brings the essence of Swiss luxury and craftsmenship in a very diverse collection that covers multiple categories. Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, “Kurts” products are a delightful fusion of art and functionality. Consider exploring “Kurts” online store for a unique shopping journey, providing a sophisticated indulgence for those who appreciate the marriage of taste and Swiss artisanal skill. One of our selected products is a special artisanal swiss knife that is very useful for meat or vegetable fine cutting.

Eh voilà, here was our diverse recommendation for 2023 Christmas Gifts from Switzerland, that we tried by ourselves. Each of these gifts, whether in a teacup, in a fondue pot, in a chocolate factory, in the kitchen, or in Christmas corner of a home, invites one to indulge in the essence of Switzerland, making these gifts a perfect embodiment of Swiss sophistication and cultural richness.

Happy Christmas Gifts hunt! 😉

P.S. Curious to learn more about Christmas traditions in Switzerland? Read more here ☺️  

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