2021 Guide to authentic Christmas gifts from Switzerland

Hard to believe but we are just few weeks away from the jolly festive Christmas period with its all inclusive: family-time, Christmas dinners & feasts, snow fun and getaways and of course the long-awaited gifts! As much as we love getting gifts, we feel rewarded by searching, designing and offering gifts to our dearest people. Yet, it is not easy! 😉 So we came up with this guide to Christmas gifts from Switzerland to help ourselves and our readers find the ideal gift for this Christmas: authentic, original and in majority of cases – eco-friendly.

Personalised silver-plated cutlery by The Loving Spoon

The Loving Spoon - Christmas gifts from SwitzerlandIn her Zurich-based atelier Maya creates unique personalised pieces of cutlery: antique, silver-plated and pre-loved. The idea behind The Loving Spoon is to give a new life to vintage silverware. Maya goes around flea markets, auctions, second-hand stores and buys all the silverware (silver-plated) cutlery she can find (focusing on but not limited to spoons). She cleans them up and  stamps them by hand, each letter by letter.

Her personal life philosophy is to avoid buying anything new, unless really necessary. So by buying a Loving Spoon, you don’t produce any waste. It is a useful object that can be used all life long and of course a very personal, thoughtful and authentic gift for Christmas or any other occasion 🙂

The Loving Spoon web-site

Knives with Swiss mountain panorama by PanoramaKnife 

Panoramaknife - Christmas gifts from Switzerland PanoramamKnife boardPanoramaKnife has simple, but brilliant idea behind its products. They replicate the panorama of a mountain range on the blade of a knife and include the names and heights of the mountains!

PanoramaKnife products stir emotions because everyone can have “their very own” Panorama. You can choose a particular one that means so much to you or your loved ones. In this special way you can offer this authentic Swiss gift to “give” a memorable piece of Switzerland. Their products extend also to fantastic wooden platters very suitable for cheese or charcuterie. We got the Matterhorn one! The PanoramaKnife recreates the panorama not only of Switzerland but also of 13 other countries. So you might be able to also find your homeland peaks there if you are from abroad!

PanoramaKnife web-site

Original Christmas ornaments by Varsy’s

Varsy's ornaments - Christmas gifts from SwitzerlandVarsy’s brings back Swiss old legends-some of them hundreds of years old- in an amazing way and makes them visible & shareable through unique Swiss-made items.

They are quite original in their artwork, child-safe and they sue eco-friendly material. We love their work and creativity: Legend boxes, notebooks and postcards and Christmas tree ornaments are meaningful and beautiful authentic Swiss-made Christmas gifts.

Varsy’s web-site

Workshops as Christmas gifts: if you don’t find it, then make it!

We have also come across several workshops that help you create Christmas wreaths (e.g by The Bridge and Taylor) Advent crowns (by Le Noyère) and other decorations. It can be an idea to make a hand-made gift yourself or offer a participation in such workshop to a close friend.

Still looking for more ideas of Christmas gifts from Switzerland?

Christmas markets in Switzerland are also a great place to get inspired and get ideas of Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Multiple stalls in the Christmas villages are just a treasure. Local creative individuals and teams display their original work, and it is a great way to support local small businesses.

We are amazed at how much creativity there is in Swiss artisanal world! So many ideas, so much strive to bring more sustainable thinking when preparing for Christmas!

Disclaimer: we have used these products ourselves and whole-heartedly recommend all items on this list of Christmas gifts from Switzerland. We are honoured to support these local businesses!

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