10 Incredible Hiking Trails in Switzerland

If you are a passionate hiker like us, then the Swiss landscape is your next destination! Want a twist? Then here’s a list of incredible hiking trails in Switzerland, off the beaten track, that will blow off your mind and fill in your memory of the Swiss breathtaking nature.

Creux Du Van (Neuchâtel)

Length: 14 km | Ascent: 780 m | Descent: 780 m | Duration: 4h 30 min – 5h You might have heard about Creux Du Van before… and no wonder! Creux Du Van is a natural marvel – a huge amphitheatre that continues to be constantly changing its face due to water and ice erosion. Sentier du Creux du Van is considered an easy hike but we would recommend it also to those who are in a good physical shape. In the end you are going 780 m up! Brace yourself to be blown away by the mesmerising panoramic view of the crescent-shaped rock at the top, surrounded by lush vegetation. This hike can take between 4.5 – 5 hours and can be an ideal May to October half day hike. You start at Noiraigue and come back to the same point as this is a circular hike. The route is marked both on the way up and down which leaves you all the time in the world to marvel the beauty of nature and not bother with maps. Creux Du Van - 10 incredible hikes

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Lac De Taney (Valais)

Length: 8.6 km | Ascent: 635 m | Descent: 555m | Duration: 3h 15 min Lac de Taney is a fairy-tale lake hidden high above the Rhone valley in the Alps. It is surrounded by the natural reserve and very limited vehicle traffic is permitted. Isn’t it how it should be-to feel the full power of nature while hiking? Dream come true! The hike starts from the village of Miex. After a relatively steep ascent you reach Prélagine and after the trail flattens. A relief! 🙂 All in all, it will take you one hour to reach this serene and tranquil lake. In summer it is a perfect destination for swimming and barbecue, so put a bathing suit on your packing list! The hike trail is not difficult and can be easily completed by amateur hikers. Lac de Taney - 10 Incredible Hiking Trails in Switzerland

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Terraces de Lavaux (Vaud)

Length: 11 km | Ascent: 440 m | Descent: 420 m | Duration (Lutry – St. Saphorin): 3h 15 min Lavaux, Lavaux…  An iconic wine producers area in Switzerland on Lake Geneva and a dream of Chasselas lovers. Oh, the crisp taste in your mouth after having a sip of this white wine! But Lavaux is a gorgeous area for hiking with its hills of wineyards in green and yellow colours overlooking the lake. It stretches from Lutry to St. Saphorin both easily reachable by train. The biggest advantage is that you can customize your hike as you’d prefer according to your fitness, preferences or even time available. Once we just had a couple of hours and did a short circular hike around Cully with a stop for a wine-tasting of course. We would recommend to visit in September-October during the harvest months but the trail is open from March.

Romantic Trail (Bern)

Length: 7.2 km | Ascent: 608 m | Descent: 0 m | Duration: 2h 50 min This family-friendly Romantic trail (and it is truly worth its name!) stretches from Alpiglen to Männlichen. It is a relatively easy hike that engulfs you in pristine nature. As you start walking up the mountaintop trail, you’ll be welcomed with white cotton, stunning alpine flowers, and wild buttercups. The Mannlichen peak opens to some incredible views across the valley. This is a perfect spot for a mini picnic, so spread out your blanket, open your sandwiches basket and enjoy a cozy picnic with your family. Looking for a natural trophy for your efforts? Then on clear sky day, look across the horizon and you can spot Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, also known as the Big Three! 10 incredible hiking trails in Switzerland

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Oeschinensee Panorama Hike (Bern)

Length: 8.5 km | Duration: 3h One of our favorites! Oeschinensee Lake is your destination if you want some amazing views of the Alpine mountains along with the crystal blue waters. You will need to take a cable car from Kandersteg to Oeschinen to hit this hiking trail. Once there, you’ll have to follow the circular hiking trail (signs to Ober Bärgli). Ober Bärgli is around the half-way point and then the trail starts taking you back to the lake. It is not an easy trail with some steep slopes to one side. So we would recommend not to take kids who are not experienced hikers. When reaching again the crystal blue waters of the lake, you will be wondering whether you should sit and contemplate, or take photos or even dip your feet if it’s a warm summer day! Well, do it all! because you will rarely encounter such marvel. 10 incredible hiking trails in Switzerland

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Verzasca Valley Trail (Ticino)

Length: 14 km | Ascent: 260 m | Descent: 620 m | Duration: 3h 35 min If you are a passionate hiker, then you’ll love experiencing this path and discovering its hidden gems. Starting at the village of Sonogno, you’ll walk along Verzasca valley with its crystal green waters (literally “Verzasca” means “green water”) through birch forests. On the way you’ll pass by Gerra and Frasco villages. Your finishing point is the village of Lavertezzo with its postcard double-arched Roman bridge. It is a very instagrammable place and crowded with visitors all year long. We also stayed a while longer there to watch the adventurous youngsters jump from the bridge into the water. The water is chilly but it didn’t seem to bother them 🙂 We finished our hike here but you could also head back to return to Sonogno – a challenge for the fittest and you’d need to count 4h of hiking more! Another hiking trail in Switzerland to add on your list?

Aletsch Glacier Trail (Valais)

Length: 12 km | Ascent: 510 m | Descent: 630 m | Duration: 4h The truly delightful part about this trail is that it goes along one of the largest glaciers in the Alps – the Great Aletsch Glacier. You will get to witness several mountain peaks like Bietschhorn, Jungfrau and many others. You’ll need to reach Moosfluh upper cable car station to start on a trail and your destination will be Fiescheralp upper cable car station. It is not a circular hike, but you could come back to Riederalp by following Herrenweg trail to Bettmeralp, passing Lake Bettmersee. But that would extend the hike to 20 km, so only for the fittest! Best season to hike this Aletsch Glacier Trail is during July-October season. This area offers many more trails to choose from with various difficulty levels. Take your pick and let us know in comments which one you tried! incredible hiking trails

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Alpine Panorama Trail (Bern)

Length: 16 km | Ascent: 640 m | Descent:  840 m| Duration: 4h 50 min (Lüderenalp – Moosegg) The Alpine Panorama Trail is 510 km long stretching from Bodensee to Lake Geneva! But we would like to recommend a specific part of it from Lüderenalp – Moosegg as a trail to hike. The scenery of this Emmental region is like in a fairy-tale. The nature around will overwhelm you with its beauty: fields, forests, meadows, typical Emmental houses and mountain restaurants, where you can cozy up and get served by a farmer. All along the trail you’ll  enjoy the gorgeous views over the Alps, the Mittelland and the Jura! 10 incredible hiking trails in Switzerland

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The Eiger Trail (Bern)

Length: 6 km | Elevation: 100 m | Duration: 2h 50 min This track brings you close to the iconic Eiger North Face and this scenic view of the mountains is absolutely stunning and totally worth your effort! The Eiger trail is of medium difficulty, and you will see that the most demanding parts of the trail are secured with ropes. The trail starts at Eigergletscher station of Jungfrau Railway. Very soon you’ll be reaching Eiger rock and after start descending (descent of 800 m altitude!). Heading downhill to the Alpiglen train station where the Eiger trail ends, you will appreciate the stunning view of the valley of Grindelwald!

Eiger Trail - 10 incredible hiking trails in Switzerland(Photo credit @evaschmitt9)

San Salvatore: panorama trail to Morcote (Ticino)

Length: 10 km | Ascent: 230 m | Descent: 845 m m | Duration: 3h Have you been to San Salvatore mountain yet? It is at the peak of this iconic mountain near Lugano that this panoramic hiking trail starts. You can reach San Salvatore quickly by taking a cable car from Lugano. Pause at the terrace of San Salvatore. Enjoy, embrace and marvel at the beauty of the 360 degree panorama before you start heading down along the trail! With a bit of a steep start, the trail very soon flattens and you’ll be passing through the forest and on to the Carona village with Parco San Grato botanical garden. We would say a must to visit if you are a fan of rhododendrens. Further on the trail you’ll come across Alpe Vicania with its “grotto” resto beloved by locals. at the end of the trail you’ll reach the village of Morcote, a cute peaceful place, which as chosen as the most beautiful village of Switzerland 2016! Hop on the bus or a boat to take you back to Lugano. 10 incredible hiking trails in Switzerland

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Hope you’ll explore one of these hiking trails! “Courage” and enjoy! And do let us know in comments how was your hike or if you would recommend other incredible hiking trails in Switzerland that we should include on this list.

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