10 Best Things to Do in Geneva

Geneva must be our favorite city in Switzerland! OK, we can be biased as we live here☺️. Yet, trust us that Geneva consistently appears on the top 10 best cities to live in the world not for nothing! Geneva is renowned for its location on the lake,  its international scene, and natural beauty. Here are the 10 best things to do in Geneva if you are planning to spend a day or 2.

First thing to do in Geneva, visit the Jet d’Eau!

best things to do in Geneva

Geneva’s famous hydraulic water jet welcomes you even as your plane is flying over the lake, ready to land. The Jet d’Eau was actually created by accident in 1886, when the safety valve designed to prevent overpressure by allowing water to escape, shot a 30 metre jet of water into the air. In 1891, its possibilities as a tourist attraction were recognized and it was moved to its present location. Thus, it takes #1 place on our list of 10 Best things to do in Geneva. Since 2003, it has been shooting the equivalent of four bathtubs of water (132 gallons) into the air every second! It is only turned off in case of frost or strong wind. For special occasions, it is also lit with changing floodlights. Keep your camera on ready mode as you might catch a small rainbow on it.

Flower clockOn your way to Jet d’Eau make sure to pass by the flower clock. It became a key attraction in Geneva and gets redressed occasionally with new flowery designs.

Stroll Geneva Old Town and Cathedral of St. Pierre

Geneva old town The cobbled streets and well maintained mediaeval buildings of Old Town Geneva bear witness to a history spanning over two milleniums, though the origins of the town date from at least 58 BC. Must-see places include the Place du Bourg-du-Four (central square and former trading place of the Romans!), the Maison Tavel and the imposing Cathedral of St. Pierre (built 1160 – 1252) where you can climb the internal tower for a rewarding overview Geneva. On the other side of Old Town Geneva you can have a seat on the longest bench in the world (120 meters!) overlooking Parc de Bastion! Don’t forget to pass by “parc de l’observatoire” where you can enjoy a beautiful sight of Geneva downtown and Jet d’Eau, steps away from the shinning golden domes of the Russian church.

Visit the United Nations-Palace of Nations

UN - 10 best things to do in Geneva
Geneva stands to its reputation as an international city and hosts the second United Nations headquarters outside New York city. Once a year, the offices open their doors freely to external visitors, otherwise you can also have a one hour tour of the compound builds. The big wooden chair just facing the UN entrance or better know as the “Broken Chair” is a monumental sculpture designed by  Swiss artist Daniel Berset to commemorate the victims of mines.

Enter the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

Best things to do in Geneva

Being in the country where the Red Cross was founded (and whose flag is the inverse of the Swiss flag) you might consider visiting its museum – Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva. It is highly interactive! One of the most touching parts of the visit was when you could put on the headset and listen to the real life stories of victims of war. The museum leaves a feeling of appreciation of the efforts the Red Cross & Red Crescent exerts around the world.

Walk in Carouge Old Town, another top thing to do in Geneva

best things to do in Geneva
Definitely one of the most charming areas of Geneva with its 2 stories houses built according to the old Italian style. One of the best things to do in Geneva, is to simply walk around the streets, visit some of the unique boutiques or have lunch in one of many delicious restaurants. Its different in style than Old Town Geneva, yet one of the must places to visit in Geneva. On Saturday the “place du Marché” hosts its weekly flea market, and also every first Sunday of the month.

Enjoy the beach of Bains des Pâquis

best things to do in Geneva

More places to visit in Geneva? Geneva‘s Bains des Pâquis are located on the artificial peninsula in les Pâquis area on the Rive Droite of the lake. They are highly popular with tourists and locals alike, comprising lakeside mini beaches for sunbathing and a quick dip in the summer as well as hammams, saunas and turkish baths for the winter. The buvette serves daily breakfasts and lunch dishes. It will take you a bit of queuing but definitely worth it. In August the locals wake up early to come to Bains des Pâquis for the annual “Aubes musicales” which are early morning concerts of local artists. This one of the top things to do in Geneva, if you visit in August.

Visit Cern, a distinctive place on things to do in Geneva

CERN For a unique twist to your Geneva experience and things to do in Geneva,  you should check out CERN (European Commission for Nuclear Research). Founded in 1954 as a joint venture of 12 countries,  CERN is less commonly known for creating the www “World Wide Web”! It’s also home to the 27 km long Hadron Collider – the largest particle accelerator in the world. Only two of its exhibitions are open to the public (the “Microcosm” and the “Globe of Science and Innovation”). Tours are available Monday through Saturday, but reservation is highly recommended as it gets filled out quickly!

Discover Plainpalais Flea Market

CArouge - 10 best things to do in Geneva
Being one of the largest flea markets not only in Geneva, but in Switzerland, it is a sprawling, colourful mass of stalls selling vintage clothing, questionable antiques and ethnic specialities from all over the world. Geneva’s lively Plainpalais Flea Market, steps from Old Town Geneva has been taking place twice a week (Saturdays and Wednesdays) since 1970. Stalls of street food from across the world adds to the experience of the place. Additionally, Plainpalais hosts a farmer’s market. It is also a favoured spot for skaters and roller coasters. Roundabouts are often stationed here together with a yearly circus that families enjoy visiting.

Wonder in the Botanical Gardens

Geneva Botanical Gardens

Geneva‘s lovely Botanical Gardens is of the interesting places to visit in Geneva for families with kids, same as for couples on romantic walks or anyone who needs to rest his busy mind and enjoy the tranquility of beautiful nature. Geneva’s first botanical gardens were created in 1817 as an expression of the then prevailing naturalist trend. The garden is home to over 16,000 different species of plants, trees and shrubs blooming at different seasons to ensure the all-year round feast for the eyes. This large museum of greenery is organized through different sectors such as the Greenhouses, Rockery, Arboretum and Winter Garden. Its definitely among the best things to do in Geneva.

Climb to Salève Mountain

Saleve - 10 best things to do in Geneva
While technically it’s in France, Salève mountain overlooks the Geneva and Lake Geneva and can be reached by bus from the city center. The view from the top is worth a couple hours hike or alternatively you can take the cable car for a 10 min ride. For adventure seekers you can take a paragliding flight and fly over the area for a fantastic experience!

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